Samuel Fickie

Samuel Fickie

Samuel Fick, a St. Louis native, has been wielding his guitar around town for almost half of his life. Only in the last two years has he donned the stage name Samuel Fickie. Never officially releasing an album, Fickie draws his crowds in with anticipation as they eagerly wait to hear songs they know can only be heard live. In the last two years Fickie has opened for such acts as Matt Costa, Jessica Lee Mayfield, ON AN ON, The Wooden Sky, The Blank Tapes, Yellow Ostrich, Strand of Oaks and many other renowned artists from around the globe.

Recent reviews hail: "Fickie is a passionate performer whose love and commitment for what he does practically glows out of every pore." -

"Fickie slid his careful fingers over the frets of his guitar with passion and warmth. His set was over too soon and the crowd stood hushed, stunned by the performance." -

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Jordan Herrera is an Oklahoma native with a relentless passion for music. Starting at the age of three with violin, Jordan has soared into guitar, bass and other instruments with a zombie-like thirst for more. He has made a career out of playing with bands such as Black Canyon, Riley Jantzen and The Spirits, Good Morning Grizzly and others found all across the great state of Oklahoma, and is always willing to contribute to his friends' albums by adding a little fiddle or cello.

With a new EP set to release in March and a two week tour to follow, it looks like there are big things in store for this young band.



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