Flint Forehead

Flint Forehead

Flint Forehead is a rock band. We're our moms' favorite music group.

Montana Tapwater

Montana Tapwater is a 4-piece blues-rock band from Denver, Colorado. Each member brings a unique background to the group adding all sorts of flavors to the mix, from gritty blues to laid back jazz. This band brings some serious grooving and moving to their live performance that is sure to get your foot tapping and head bobbing.

Hatch The Bird

Hatch The Bird is led by songwriter Ian Hatch. Ian started Hatch The Bird as a solo project in 2011. In an effort to create a bigger sound, Ian began adding new members to HTB in early 2013. The band recently released their first EP, and is working diligently to finish their first full length album scheduled for release in late 2013.


Nikol Werner has been a solo artist throughout most of college until she met Zack Dare, who is in numerous bands across the Denver metro area. Nikol is still writing and performing on her own but when you put the two together (Nikol&Zack) make a dynamic team, with poppy hooks, haunting harmonies and real music without the plastic attached.

Ben Rogers

According to his mom, "Ben Rogers can't dance, but put an instrument in his hands and he can do just about anything else." This up and coming contemporary artist from the small Arkansas community of Fort Smith is quickly making his mark in the music world.

Ben Rogers is more than just a performer; he is a story-teller, with a variety of strengths. Equally talented in composing upbeat and fast songs as he is his slower and more melodic ballads, Ben often plays with alternate and original guitar tunings and unique chord progressions which give his music a sound that he can claim as his very own. Each new song takes the listener on a ride of clever wordplay as he twists and turns his lyrics in ways that range from thought-provoking to humorous, but maintaining balance and restraint. His distinctive voice has been called clear, smooth, & soothing, but don’t be surprised if his inventive melodic lines showcase a broad range or a fondness for the occasional vocal run. His style is one that draws his audience in, but never divulges too much. Ben sings from personal experience and emotion, but he also has a particular talent for turning a simple anecdote into an entire composition in clever fashion.

Ben is truly a study in contrasts. A recent extended stay in Africa added a level of maturity to his 22 years. His experience ranges from performance before very large crowds to lead roles in musical theater, as well as having directed a youth choir in Africa. He is truly at home when given a stage and a microphone, whether it be at coffee house gigs, playing at private parties or in front of a large audience, and can transport and indulge his listeners using, if he chooses, only a microphone, guitars, and occasionally, a djembe. With just under 50 songs in his repertoire of original work, Ben is excited to introduce his listeners to a musical journey that will surely not disappoint, and is eager to share his message and sound with all who will listen and entertain him and his intense passion.

Possibly the most appealing thing about Ben is his personality. He may not be able to dance, but that won't stop him from trying. One thing's for sure : Ben Rogers is not afraid to look like the craziest guy you've ever met. Perhaps that's why he's so much fun to watch and hear. Don't miss a chance to get better acquainted with Ben Rogers!

Currently, Ben resides in Denver, CO where he attends UCD. He is anxiously bringing his quirky music style to a new area.

$5.00 - $8.00


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