DJUNYA, Indaskyes


Joseph .Jr, also known as, Djunya is an eclectic producer focusing on all types of BASS Music. DJUNYA passionately started composing his music at a very young age. He continued to pursue his love for all types of music by studying African percussion and keyboards. Over the years Joseph has played with various live bands and worked on dub/beat projects across the western United States. DJUNYA then began to DJ Drum and Bass heavily in 1999. He was quickly noticed for his ability to program and cut mixes. His producing skills have been captivating listeners for over a decade, and he has continued to move dance floors DJ'ing his Dubbed-out blend of BASS HEAVY BEATS. . .
DJUNYA has been noticed internationally for DJ'ing sets on various internet & FM radio stations. He has also performed at various Music & Film Festivals including Sundance, Slamdance, Musefest, Versus, Ultra Music Festival, Viram Vs FSOB, Lunadance,Sonic Bloom, Burning Man,Bobolink, Get Freaky, Symbiosis Gathering, Dub_O_Cracy, Lovefest, H. E. N. C. H., Superdubpressure, FreakCamp, SMOG Sessions, Pure Filth, Heavyweight, Sub. Mission, Bassic, Bass Goes Boom, Fire, Shift, and X-Dance.
DJUNYA's live mixes and sound productions cover the spectrums of deep moody basslines to etheric atmospheres. His influences range from Reggae, Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, and 2-step. DJUNYA's sound palete is ever expanding as he continues to work with artists, producers, and traditional musicians. His music has been featured on short films, websites, animations, and documentaries.. Currently working on remix's and debut LP expected out by end Summer 2012.


Encounter Jared Lindo before dark and heʼs an unassuming suburban computer geek, but once night falls he takes to the DJ booth and transforms into a high-energy bass music producer named indaskyes. Equally at home throwing down urban ghetto beats for hippies in the desert or getting a VIP bottle service crowd bobbing their heads to a psychedelic dubstep tune, indaskyes is a musical chameleon with a singular focus - make them DANCE.

Honing his skills since discovering electronica in 2008, indaskyes is just beginning to release his work. A heavy hip-hop influence is abundantly clear in his original tracks, reflecting his love of simple yet intoxicated beats. From a glitchy, dubbed out remix of Goapeleʼs ʻPlayʼ to a crunkalicious, booty bumping rendition of Young Buckʼs ʻShorty Wanna Ride,ʼ his musical range and focus on the dancefloor are undeniable.

The hard work has paid off as heʼs shared the stage with heavy hitters like Salva, Minnesota, An-ten-nae, MartyParty, NastyNasty, Sugarpill, and Smasheltooth. Heʼs played all over the state and enjoyed his first Burning Man DJ experience at Camp ? on their epic setup in 2011.

RYURY has a huge arsenal of diverse and hard to find sounds for all occasions. His sets go from here to there and back again. Known for always having the freshest and hottest tunes around he has a very good reputation amongst peoples for always keeping it a level above anyone else. He has shared the stage with a ridiculous amount of artists and knows how to throw down on the turntables like a bo$$

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