Holding Out for a Hero: A New Musical Parody in Concert

Holding Out for a Hero: A New Musical Parody in Concert

World-renowned as the ultimate jazz hot spot, Birdland clears the stage for the world premiere concert of a new musical about man boobs and treadmills and hoagies and Broadway. Told in parody form, Holding Out for a Hero relates the story of four overweight men in their quest to be the next big thing to hit Broadway and not the next big thing to walk down the streets of Broadway. With a little help from an Overeaters Anonymous program and a few treadmills, these four men discover who they are and what success truly is. Jump on the bandwagon before there even is a wagon and be the first to see the show that USA TOMORROW calls “The hit of the century! Or at least it will be when people have actually heard of it and are able to see it and we are a real newspaper.”

With new lyrics by Rob Grippa and music by the all-time musical theatre greats…and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Starring Andy Arena (Awesome 80s Prom), Adam Bashian (The “Open Sesame” Guy from that car commercial), Therese Curatolo (2037 Revival of Anything Goes), Paul Gambardella (Some good musicals in high school), Eric Hoffman (A few good plays you’ve never heard of) and Howard Whitmore (His YouTube channel). Musical direction by Matt Baker. Logo artwork by Craig Cagney.

Come see this Hero before it’s expired and moldy. And don’t forget an extra pair of underwear.


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