Cruiserweight- Reunion Show

Cruiserweight- Reunion Show

It has been more than 3 years since Cruiserweight played their final show in Pensacola, FL. Though based in Austin, TX, this female fronted pop-rock band had found overwhelming love and support on the Gulf Coast.
Having played over 2 dozen shows in Pensacola from 2000-2010, they packed houses at just about every venue one could think of. From humble beginnings at End Of The Line Cafe to sold out shows at The Gutter Lounge. From late night party gigs at The Handlebar to rocking one of the main stages at the final Springfest, Cruiserweight found new fans and made new friends with every performance. The band was voted "Favorite Regional Band" by readers and fans through the Independent News Weekly's annual Best Of The Coast Awards for two years in a row. The band saw their popularity in the area spread further still when they became the first national, signed band to make a video with popular local cable access music show, The Uncharted Zone. The video, a decidedly (and purposely) low budget affair, especially in comparison to their several professional music videos, went on to be voted as "Video Of The Week" on the UZ countdown for 2 months straight.
The band said farewell on April 30th of 2010 at a full house show at The Ready Room (where 850 Open Water now resides). The show was filled with as many tears as cheers and the band left town with a van full of gifts and goodies from longtime fans.
Graffiti espousing love for the band can still be found all over town. From "PENSACOLA MISSES CW8" found in the Jefferson St Parking Garage to "CRUISERWEIGHT 4-EVER" featured prominently on the 17th Ave Graffiti Bridge for several months. Fans have even created a "Bring Cruiserweight Back To Pensacola" page on Facebook.

So now it is finally time... after more than 3 years... Cruiserweight returns to Pensacola for a very special one-time-only reunion show at Vinyl Music Hall!

Old friends and new fans... get ready cuz baby they're back... and you can raise the roof on that!!!

Cruiserweight was a female fronted pop-rock band from Austin, TX. The four-piece band, consisting mostly of siblings and fronted by the youngest Stella Maxwell, released 2 full length albums and an iTunes ep on Doghouse Records / Heinous (home of acts like All American Rejects, Meg & Dia, Say Anything etc...) as well as 3 self released albums and numerous compilation appearances. The band toured relentlessly; sharing the stage with bands like Hot Water Music, The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, Dashboard Confessional, Strike Anywhere, The Anniversary, Rx Bandits, and Avail. An interview in The Austin Chronicle had this to say about the band; "fans take their songs to heart because they recognize themselves in the experiences Stella relates in her lyrics. By the same token, they attract the sort of listeners for whom music is about something beyond just being popular, sitting at the coolest table in the cafeteria, or having the current flavor of the week cued up on your iPod."
Musically, the band had a knack for crafting empowering songs based on Stella's own experiences. "Of the eleven years we were a band, there'd been so many different trends that have come and gone," says bassist David Hawkins. "There's something to be said for just being yourself and doing what you love because you love it. I think kids can see past it. They can see that we're just who we are."

Gotham City Troubadour- 70s Glam Set

Top shelf Musician off Florida's Gulf Coast. Fronted by Vocalist: The American Soldier of Queensryche AJ Fratto (AJ BRAVE HEART) X Military Helicopter Rescue Swimmer / Blue Angel ect.... Monster of Rock alumni, Man vs Food Nation alumni..... Heavy Metal Tom Jones, Humanitarian and Bodyguard to the rockstars when not slaying the houses himself. The band is made up of four ALL STARS in their own right. Michael Lukers drumming will intimidate the best of the best, Joe Hammond is not just a pocket bass player he can rattle that thing like a grooved out machine gun..... Chris Osbourne is the quintessential cock rock guitar player that is a joy to watch and Jeremiah in the focused no nonsense cog in the machine kind of thinking mans musician, that every great unit needs. Jer's guitar playing is dark, eerie and very cognitive..... this band is the total package. We do original and tribute music in our own unique way..... We will Slay you.

Operation Hennessey

Operation Hennessey is a four piece melodic punk band from Pensacola, FL...Founded in 2011 from the ashes of ska band Diversity Is An Old Wooden Ship.

Hotel Oscar

A pioneering blend of the shared and various traditions that comprise the American music ethos; derived from the musical stylings of rock and roll, funk, country, folk, and blues. Formed in the heart of the Florida Panhandle as a roots-rock trio, Hotel Oscar has developed into a refined portrayal of honest, American - made Rock & Roll.

$10.00 - $50.00


* General Admission * Standing Room Only- Any Available Seating Will Be On A Strictly First Come/ First Serve Basis * All Ages * Additional $5 Cash Surcharge At The Door For Under 21 * Attendees Under 16 Must Be Accompanied By A Ticketed, Adult Guardian *

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