The Liza Colby Sound, Jane Lee Hooker, 1-800-BAND

The Liza Colby Sound

In late 2009, Liza Colby was looking for something different musically. Some friends said "Why don't you just call up the Roth Brothers?" So she did! This band is the result!

The music we make is a combination of influences from the late 60's, early 70', Brit Invasion, with our touch of style.

Liza Colby comes from a musical family. Her dad, John Colby has been a respected composer for the last 30 years in TV and film, and her mom Beverly sang for The Persuasions, Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra, just to name a few.

Adam Roth has played guitar in NYC since the late 70s. Credits include The Del Fuegos, Jim Carrol Band, Denis Leary, & THE ENABLERS. Adam is also the main composer for the TV series "Rescue Me".

C.P.Roth has also been a studio and live performer in NYC since the 70s. A multi instrumentalist who has toured and/or recorded with Ozzy Osbourne, Blessid Union, Suzanne Vega, Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, and Lenny Kaye. C.P. currently is the drummer and musical director for Denis Leary's live shows.

Alec Morton holds it all down on bass. Formerly with Raging Slab, and currently with half the bands in NYC who want the bass NOT to suck!

Jane Lee Hooker

"Jane Lee Hooker is a band of five women from New York City who take traditional blues on a fast and rough ride.

The band's calling cards are songs by Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, Howlin' Wolf, Johnny Winter and, of course, John Lee Hooker - all fed through double lead guitars, a heavy rhythm section, and soul-scouring vocals.

These women are by no means new to the game. Between the five band members, they have decades of experience playing, recording and touring both nationally and internationally. Individually, the members of Jane Lee Hooker have played for thousands of fans while sharing bills with the likes of Motorhead, MC5, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Deep Purple, among others. And they've played more club gigs in more cities than even they can believe.

So how'd this gang of pros finally find each other?

Guitarists Tracy and Tina honed their mutual love of blazing dual leads during their time together in Helldorado in the 90s. From there, Tracy joined Nashville Pussy, Tina joined Bad Wizard, and both women toured the world. But when their time with those bands ended, they realized they really missed the rush of trading guitar solos with each other and leaving audiences howling with joy and disbelief.

But first they needed a band.

They quickly recruited Mary, who played bass with Tracy in the early 90s punk band the Wives. Melissa sat behind the drum kit and got the nod before she even finished slamming out the first song of her audition. And no singer in the entire city can bring a crowd to its knees harder or faster than Dana Danger Athens.

The band is a loud, blistering blues monster capable of whispering in your ear before stomping on your heart.

Are you ready? It's time to get a load of Jane Lee Hooker."


1-800-BAND means toll free rock!

1-800-BAND formed in the spring in anticipation of that season's warm beer days bringing back those cold pinot grigio nights. Looking to artists like the Cars, Dwight Twilley, Russ Ballard, Artful Dodger, and Tom Petty, 1-800-BAND seek to evoke the metallic slam of the Charger car door, the cry of the night hawk in a parking lot you're making out in late at night, the loose change jingling in your pocket, the tissue-thin silk of the shirt of a woman in cork heels.

Al Huckabee (vocals, guitar), Robbie Kongress (bass), Polly Watson (keyboards), and Aaron Carroll (drums) make up the Brooklyn-based band. The band has one single, "Tropical Meds," a split with noisemongers Snakes. Spring 2012 sees the release of 1-800-BAND's eponymous full-length debut, on Slow Gold Zebra Records. 1-800-BAND was recorded at Oakland, California's Creamery Studios by Greg Ashley (the
Dutchess and the Duke, TV Ghost, the Gris Gris). The album will be available as a limited pressing of 200 LPs.

$8.00 - $10.00


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