When you hear an act being referred to as a "musician's band," it usually means the band in question has incredible technical skill but not a lot in the way of emotional resonance when it comes to songwriting ó especially if the outfit is instrumental. PANAL S.A. DE C.V. bucks that trend in every way imaginable. The band's music, which speaks for itself, has evolved over the past several years. PANAL has written some of the most interesting and evocative rock music to come out of Denver, partly because it knows how to speak directly and powerfully to the heart without having to spell everything out with words.


Enrique Jimenez
Juan Carlos Flores
Israel Jimenez
Enoc Torraca

Dead Orchids

A force presses against your temples, deep and powering. Lowering you into a state of unsure resonance. A forgotten comfort. Swimming in thoughts, emotions crash like waves against the shore of the psyche with relentless passion and vigor. Anger, confusion, and the mother fear, all succumb to the undertow of this forgotten beach. Breathes shorten and lengthen at the same time, sweat drips down the valley of the spine.
An awake, seconds later, hours, days, maybe for the first time, the only thing clear is the absolute solid that nothing therein is.
Herein lies the Dead Orchids. An uncanny force of emotionally driven music. Swapping spit with influences of the great rock and roll era, with toes dipping into blues and heavy metal, the soundtrack is gentle as it is fierce.
With a new and long awaited release, the Orchids will rise from a winter slumber and again bloom in the warm trimester. The words Dead Orchids has been written on walls in public bathrooms and retirement homes for decades.

Motion Trap

Electronic/Dance Quartet from Denver, Colorado.

The Greys of Gold

When striving for perfection in order to transcend the impurities inherent to mankind, we must delve past the norm, the grey, and aspire for the purity of gold.
In the suburbs of Denver, the Sanderson brothers and their apprentice Nicholas spend physical and metaphorical hours beneath the soul harvesting tasty beats and honing their craft. Refocusing their energies, The Greys of Gold search to make this trio re-embody the roots with which they are interred.
Through the process in which we surpass our imperfections, therein we discover Gold


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