Tommy Keene

After nearly 30 years in the music business, you might expect someone like Tommy Keene to start slowing down. If you did, you'd be wrong. Produced by Tommy in his home studio, with able assistance again from R. Walt Vincent (Pete Yorn), Tommy's new Behind The Parade (Second Motion) continues his career-long run of premier, melodic guitar-based rock, following up 2009's stellar In The Late Bright with yet another batch of winning tunes.

Ranging from the proto-Keene jangle of “Already Made Up Your Mind” and the edgy, power pop (no, he doesn't mind that description - much) storytelling of “Running For Your Life” and “His Mother's Son” to the moody, ambient instrumental “La Castana” and the horn-infused opener “Deep Six Saturday”, Behind The Parade finds Tommy ably taking a few risks while managing to play to his considerable strengths. Behind The Parade, along with his recent output, shows Tommy is akin to an athlete rediscovering his prime-only in his case, he never left it.

The Deadmen (with Justin Jones)

Josh Read and Justin Jones got together to let their children play. They discussed their frustration with the music business, their love of playing music and their love of family.

Fellow Washington, DC artists Brandon Butler (Boys Life, Canyon) and Justin Hoben (John Bustine) jumped in on drums and bass, respectively.

Collectively, they are The Deadmen.

Remember when rock’n’roll seemed to have it all? Passion, power, chemistry… and timeless songs that people could relate to? Hero Jr. does. And their forthcoming full-length debut Backup Plan is the perfect document to prove it.

On it, the Indy-based foursome combine soaring vocals, stinging guitars and driving rhythms and channel them into 11 indelible, hook-filled songs that help define the blur between ’70s classic rock, the angst of the Alternative Nation and modern indie-rock. The band consists of brothers Evan Haughey (vocals/guitar) & Matthew Haughey (drums/vocals), along with bassist Dave DuBrava and the most recent addition to the band, guitarist Ken Rose (Marianne Faithfull). Backup Plan was produced and engineered by Paul Mahern (T-Bone Burnett, The Fray, Iggy Pop, John Mellencamp, Afghan Whigs, etc.) and Ken Rose, and was recorded at both Livingston Studios in London and Mahern’s White Arc Studio in Bloomington, IN.

Some have favorably referred to Hero Jr.’s music as having a radio friendly edge to it, which is certainly true. These aren’t tunes tweely plinked-out on a toy piano with a banana by today’s cool kids, but rather thoughtful, intelligent and expertly performed songs that hit extremely hard – affecting the head, heart and, yes, ass in equal measure.

Hero Jr.’s latest record Backup Planis available on CD and Digital formats.



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