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"You know me, I'm Fillmore Slim" has been spoken out loud most everywhere in the city of San Francisco. As Clarence "Fillmore Slim" Sims turned 75 years old in the month of November, 2009, this legendary bluesman continues his music and magic.

Born November 7, 1934 in the rich musical heritage city of New Orleans, Louisiana, "Fillmore" has lived a transformation like no one else. Bestowed upon him are some of the most significant monikers that truly intertwine with a very real American history. "Tailbone", "Guitar Slim", "Fillmore Slim", "the O.G.". His respect and love for music runs through them all.

He grew up on a farm picking cotton and plowing the fields utilizing a mule. As a youngster he discovered music from his grandmother. He moved to the Los Angeles area in 1955, performing with his band Eddie and the Blues Slayers; he relocated to San Francisco opening shows for the likes of BB King and Dinah Washington; his first single released in the late 50ʼs, was a song entitled 'You Got the Nerve of a Brass Monkey' on the Los Angeles based Dooto record label.

This VIP of the music and underworld would go on to be revered by the members of the hip hop world including Snoop Dogg, 50 cent, Big Daddy Kane and MC Lyte. Among other celebrated musicians, he has toured with Joe Tex, Harmonica Slim and Little Willie John, performed with Sly Stone and T-Bone Walker, and recorded with Joe Louis Walker, Bobbie Webb and Rick Estrin. "Fillmore Slim" continues to master his gift of storytelling as singer/guitarist/songwriter.

He is currently working on his 7th blues c.d. titled "The Blues Playa's Ball" on the Mountain Top Label. He is also recording a collection of his favorite jazz standards like "My Funny Valentine". His musical styles, a mix of Blues, R&B, Funk, Rap, Jazz, West Coast Blues and Soul are what make "Fillmore" so chill.

Eugene Huggins Band 9pm

Eugene Huggins has played and worked on stage with Chuck Berry, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Swamp Dog, Marc Benno, Ramblin' Jack Eliott, Tom Waits, Harvey Mandel, James Cotton and many others. In the '80s he played and recorded with the Casuals, opening for some of today's most renowned musical luminaries such as Bonnie Raitt, Chris Isaak, The Stray Cats and more. In the '90s he was pure grass-roots, spreading the word around with "Eugene and the Bluejeans." He also toured with The Harvey Mandel Band, and recorded a CD with him in a band called "Nightfire." Eugene is currently featured on 20 CDs.

In the Casuals, he backed up Buddy Guy and Junior Wells at Bill Graham's club The Old Waldorf. The show got a great review in the Examiner, written by Phil Elwood. A couple of years later, Eugene opened for Chuck Berry at The Stone in San Francisco and at the Keystone in Berkeley. When Eugene went up to Chuck between sets on the first night to tell him how much he worshipped him, Chuck asked him to sit in with him - on both nights. Chuck called him on-stage by saying, "I wanna hear some harmonica, where's that white boy?!?" At Jack's Bar in San Francisco, the Bluejeans backed up James Cotton for two dates, Eugene singing all night with James playing behind him because at the time James wasn't singing.

After playing with the Bluejeans for a number of years, Eugene met Harvey Mandel and toured Texas, Utah and Nevada, and recorded the "Nightfire" CD, which featured Harvey and Freddy Roulette. In 2000, Eugene recorded the CD "Life is a Nightmare" at the "Saloon" in North Beach, which got great reviews in international publications. In 2008, Eugene was on the Nationally Syndicated Television Program the "Conan O'Brien Show" as a featured player with the Tom Waits Band. Eugene is also featured on Narda Michael Walden's newest CD, on the track "At the Beach."

Eugene plays regularly at 19 Broadway and at local clubs in San Francisco, Sausalito and more. He does duo shows, sometimes with his friends Ron Hacker, Austin de Lone, Wendy Dewitt, Cole Tate and others. In addition to Cole, Eugene works and plays with guitarist Felix Bannon, bassist Burt Winn, drummer Robbie Bean, and sometimes guitarist Steve Freund.

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