Packing an arsenal of rhymes that range from satirical social commentary and inner-soul searching to all-out, shake-your-ass-‘til-the floor-is-wet jams, Eliquate’s music has been charging parties up and down the West Coast since 2009. In that time span, they’ve graced the stage with underground royalty such as Murs, Del the Funky Homosapien, Zion-I and RJD2 just to name a few. But, who the f*ck is Eliquate anyway?
Unlike most MCs, Wright didn’t start writing until later in his life. His love for words pushed him to jot down more than just lyrics but meaningful messages for Wright’s peers to think about and connect with.

Forrest Day

Forrest Day is a man as well as a band. Together they are almost 150 years old.
They write and perform for real people that love music, not the butt-heads running our major labels and dumping D-Grade music all over our once great air-waves. Forrest Day on Vocals, Sax, and Keys.

Playing mainly in a scene that loves the dj, boostive believes very strongly in the energy created by a group of people collaborating to create a unique experience on stage. Boostive performs to preserve the organic roots of music using live instrumentation while still incorporating the influence of electronic music that is ever so prevalent in our culture. Stay Boostive.

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