Set Out Side, The Family Bed, I Am Nation

Set Out Side

Set Out Side is a band that was born out of a pure love of music. Dustin, Michael, Shane, and Tyler share similar goals when it comes to music, and are always hard at work making new and interesting music.

I Am Nation

“Our goal is just to be able to play as a band and make enough income to label it as a career so we’re not stuck doing something we don’t love for the rest of our lives,” says I Am Nation front-woman Liz Greub. Short and sweet, this sentiment just about sums up what I Am Nation is all about. Money and fame? You can have it. All this Midwestern quartet really cares about is making music they love. “None of us can really see ourselves doing something other than playing music for others.”

Formed a little over three years ago, lead singer/guitarist Greub, and lead guitarist Megan Gladbach met bassist Wyatt Lemmon and drummer David Gonzales during their freshman year of high school and jelled instantly. Since then, I Am Nation has worked tirelessly honing and perfecting their sound – a combination of catchy pop-punk rock hooks and expert lyricism – and playing local shows, including two “Battle of the Bands” competitions in which the band took 1st and 2nd.



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