Without a distinguishable understanding of the pop and intensity, a silent video of a Lemuria show would appear to be that of a blistering hardcore trio. To the viewers surprise, turning the audio on they'd find the stage diving mania and screamers are really chanting "Maybe I should wear lipstick too" or "You fit in my skin, softest I've let in" as guitarist/vocalist Sheena Ozzella's dynamic, melodic voice guides the unlikely chorus.
Lemuria might not sound like they are from Buffalo, NY, but the band was proudly birthed there, following the legacy of an oddly eclectic, if not eccentric, music scene. When you loosen your ears to the sugary indie-pop, you'll discover discordant notes, odd time signatures, and brutal riffs creating menacing yet catchy music.
Releasing their early 7" EPs and splits on drummer/vocalist Alex Kerns' label 'Art of the Underground', they landed their debut full length 'Get Better' on west coast pop-punk label Asian Man Records. Following their debut, and worked into an ambitious DIY touring schedule, they sprinkled 7" releases around on labels such as Hex, No Idea Records, and Suburban Home. Eventually, they would settle in with the Boston-based, notoriously hardcore oriented Bridge 9 Records with their 2011 sophomore album, 'Pebble'.
Since 2004, Lemuria has developed a cult following of fans who have found a branch to grab onto. Their lyrics have been carved into their fans skin permanently. Their songs have become personal anthems, game changers, wedding vows and breakup manifestos

Entering the studio soon, expect a triumph from indie darlings Lemuria in 2013.

Red Oblivion

Red Oblivion is a rock band based out of Boston Massachusetts, USA, with backgrounds in a multitude of styles including classical, metal, world music, pop and electronic. Red Oblivion blends a traditional lineup with the heaviness of amplified cello in an evolving passionate collaboration.

Eden Rayz started playing cello at age 4, by 14 she was performing in Cleveland's Contemporary Youth Orchestra, recording a live album/ DVD with the multi-platinum band Styx. Soon after, her string arrangements of rock songs were published professionally. Eden earned a scholarship to Berklee, where she, once again, stood out and was recruited to arrange and perform for Vinnie Ferra and record for Wyclef Jean. Recently Eden was commissioned to compose for professional chamber ensembles, most recently The Almeda Trio in Cleveland OH. The first movement of her Piano Trio was premiered on Winter Solstice of 2010 in the Cleveland Observatory and was written to include algorithms expressing the astronomical ratios of stars. Critics called the piece "violent…minimalism, combined with heavy metal" –She has been commissioned to compose a second and third movement.

Emma Torres is an American raised in Mexico City and Madrid Spain. When Emma was 12 she turned to the guitar to express her feelings of not being from anywhere. By age 16, she was performing on the Vans Warped Tour, touring Mexico with her punk metal band. At 18 she entered Berklee, as a guitar principle, conquering her instrument and mastering genres beyond her love of rock and metal. A recent Berklee graduate, she realized that she wanted to, once again, grace the stage with her guitar virtuosity.

Zach Adams was born in Queens, New York and was introduced to punk music by his grandmother, who made t-shirts for The Ramones. Zach eventually moved to Las Vegas, where he began his career fronting many local rock and punk bands. It was the summer of 2008, and Zach entered the 5-week program at Berklee College of Music. His talent stood out and he was awarded a scholarship to the college, which he accepted after graduating high school in 2009.

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