MELT-BANANA is a truly amazing live band from Tokyo, Japan. With elements of grindcore, metal, punk, noise and pop Melt-Banana twists the tools the tools of psychedelia into things of surgical precision. Guitarist and effects technician Ichirou Agata is "a watchmaker winding up a thousand riffs at once then letting them go. Together with Yasuko Onuki's savagely ecstatic staccato vocals Melt-Banana is making some of their best music 20 years into their career and performing, what fans have collectively said about this current tour, at their absolute best.

RETOX is an excitingly furious band who blurring genres of punk, thrash, hardcore and metal and features members of The Locust, Head Wound City, Cattle Decapitation and Swing Kids.

The Father Figures

Elder statesmen of the often fractured, but secretly burgeoning Phoenix music scene, the Father Figures sound “melds urgency with intelligence, catchiness with dissonance, and sophistication with blunt force.”* Featuring Michael Cornelius on guitar, Tom Reardon on bass and vocals, and Bobby Lerma on drums they create what they laughingly call post-skate-punk, although defining their own sound is not a matter that they take lightly.

$12.00 - $15.00

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