Richie Kihlken

Richie Kihlken

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Richie Kihlken has been away in LaLa Californiaville for over a year now crafting a new format for making music. The notoriously known “live” loop artist has now been creating loops in the studio, recording all his samples from scratch with the use of guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and vocals. During performance Kihlken sifts through his array of rockish groovy samples in somewhat DJ-esque fashion, only this guy accompanies his tracks with live musicianship. You will hear distinct soulful vocals alongside bluesy improvised guitar and keyboard playing.
This freakish sort of one-man-band-dj-sample-artist-guy is truly pushing the limits of what one person can do musically. Not only is he proficient at all of his instruments, but he himself also writes the lyrics and music for the songs he records, produces, and then performs.
Richie Kihlken has been perceived by some listeners as a fellow revivalist of some sort. What exactly he is reviving is hard to pinpoint, but its definitely something from the heart. With his meaningful lyrics and grunge-like vocal style, he’s definitely a child of the 90’s whom also took the time to dig back into older and more timeless influences. “Like any other artist I hate to categorize my music, but if I had to call it anything I would call it soul music, says Kihlken.”
While his organic roots are somewhat obvious, there is a modern quality that seeps through, perhaps not too noticeably, but definitely there. As you look closer to the stage you will see synthesizers, electronic drums, a laptop and high tech buttons and knobs as well as electric and acoustic guitars and even harmonicas and tambourines. When Kihlken performs, it becomes ultimately confusing to assess which side this guy is on; the grass roots music from wood and steel? or the electronic abyss of soundscaping robotics? But Richie is well aware of his apparent two-sidedness. He learned from inventor and philosopher, Robert Moog, that a grand piano is just as much a machine as a synthesizer. As Kihlken says, “In the end, its really all about the sound coming out of the speaker and the feeling it creates.”

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