Every Flavor Weather Machine, Double Down, Downward Dogs, Soundstatues

Every Flavor Weather Machine

Every Flavor Weather Machine is turbo piano rock jetpack, born in Boston, raised in New York, and smelted in sweaty dance parties across the north east.

Double Down

From the classic lounge stylings of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, to fun twists on popular modern hits, Double Down plays the songs you know and love. The band's original style fuses together their fresh, bold talents with a tribute to the songs of yesteryear.

Double Down gives the Rat Pack a swinging update for the new millennium. Their electrifying performance, tight sound and musical expertise allow them to move from hot jump-swing numbers to poignant ballads without missing a beat.

In addition to the old standards, Double Down dives into the songbook of today, bringing a unique twist to contemporary classics. From Billy Joel to Motorhead, from Nirvana to Usher, Double Down brings a classy lounge attitude to anything they get their hands on. Never content to rest on their laurels, Double Down is constantly adding new songs to their repertoire so every show stays fresh and their audience is always entertained.

Downward Dogs

Downward Dogs bring acoustic punk up from the curbsides of New York City with an aggressive swing; we heard rock and roll needed more horn sections, so we obliged. Picture Pixies and Steely Dan rumbling in a Burger King parking lot, brass and drone braying from mono speakers. Say hello to big choruses, swaying anthems, yelping lyricism, terse minimalism. Feel the big comfy chair from which you bark your savage orders.

Influences: Violent Femmes, Velvet Underground, Chicago, abstract jazz, Modern Lovers, Talking Heads


If the 80s had an illegitimate love-child with the 90s, it would grow up to be Soundstatues. Programmed beats and synths mix with fuzzed out guitars to create a truly unique sound. The Soundstatues song "Give It Up" has been downloaded over 40,000 times and has been featured on numerous podcasts worldwide. For this performance at Spike Hill, Soundstatues will also be playing a few acoustic songs with a special guest guitarist.


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