The World At Large

The World At Large

The hooky, harmony-threaded songs of The World at Large are both pleasantly retro and quite refreshing. The group blends Beatle-esque melodies with arrangements that heavily feature their intertwining vocals.

True Will

True Will has gone through many transformations since it’s original concept in late 2009. The first incarnation didn’t even fully begin until late 2010-early 2011, and since then the line up has been a revolving door of contributors. The two constants have been Billie Seeland, the co-founder of the group, and his brother, Chris Seeland. The latest version of the group was finalized when Mike Coiro joined in early 2013. Even with these constant changes, True Will has come to be known for their ability to implement many theatrical elements and concepts to heavy, riff oriented music that is fused with catchy, sing-able melodies. Their influences are varied and vast, and from learning from those that came before, create something that is all their own.

True Will has shared the stage with The Misfits, Vampires Everywhere!, Michale Graves and Wednesday 13. They have also performed with such national bands as Davey Suicide, Calabrese, The Defiled, Polkadot Cadaver, The Attack, The Bunny The Bear, Scarlet Carson, End of an Era, Biters, Midnight Mob and Ascending From Ashes.

True Will discography:
Insomnia of Paranoia EP - March 2012
Live Trash EP/DD - September 2012
A Different Kind of Beast EP - October 2013
Truth Behind The Lies - Live EP/DD - February 2014



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