Austin Youth Samba - World Premiere!

Austin Youth Samba

Austin Samba School

The Acadêmicos da Ópera, or Austin Samba School, is a group of over 100 drummers and dancers that performs the music and dance of Brazilian Carnaval, from Rio to Bahia. We perform at parades, festivals and special occasions, bringing the music, movement, color, pageantry and joy of Carnaval to parades, festivals and events throughout the region.



Following a week long Samba workshop, our 11 young drummers (ages 7-14) are having their first performance! Austin Youth Samba will play first with a short percussion set, to be followed soon after by our good friends The Austin Pagode Project. The event is free and open to the public so please come help us keep it Rio! We would like to thank the Austin Samba community and their director Jacare for teaching us all that we know about this music in order for us to pass the knowledge along to the kids. For more info on Austin Samba click here:

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