Tuff Sunshine, Red Light Cinema, A Brood of Vipers, The Choir Diary

Tuff Sunshine

Tuff Sunshine is a 3-piece pared-down indie-rock trio that Time-Out New York accurately describes as "cool, emotive indie fare that skillfully fuses funky soul with wiry postpunk." The band features Johnny Leitera
(guitar/vocals), Ani Cordero (drums/vocals) and Turner Stough (bass). Together for about a year now, they have garnered positive acclaim from My Old Kentucky Blog, The Huffington Post, Tom Tom Magazine, have been Spinner.com's "Download of the Day" and recently Nic Harcourt ("America's most influential DJ") prominently featured them on his nationally-syndicated "Connections" show.

On top of all that, Ani found time to tour on drums with the hugely-influential Brazilian psych-rockers Os Mutantes, Turner toured and gigged live with at least 10 other bands, and Johnny wrote a slew of new material and began playing guitar with another up-and-coming band, Ideal Fire. And there's more to come...they recently finished a new EP ("Kids Know") that was recorded and mixed by famed no-wave pioneer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Brian Eno).

Red Light Cinema

Red Light Cinema is a soulful rock n' roll group from NYC. Combining timeless songwriting with fearless musical performances Red Light Cinema creates a sound that is totally unique while still maintaining a strong pop sensibility. With their blend of gutsy vintage rock and pure pop appeal, there is no doubt that this group will become a mainstay of both the national and international music scene.

A Brood of Vipers

After playing Punk Rock for many years, Eric Bower, singer/songwriter for Philadelphia’s ‘A Brood of Vipers’ decided to do something a little different. “I started experimenting with new sounds by fusing together major and minor chords with guitar and keyboards. I was searching for ways to write honest songs that stand out while incorporating all of my influences.” Eric proceeded to record a few tracks, with plans of forming a band.

Having shared stages for years in various bands including ‘The Strychnine Babies’, and ‘Sorry and the Sinatras’, Bower and bassist Roger Segal made good on a long discussed collaboration. While auditioning drummers, Roger mentioned Blitzkid basher and former Gorgeous Frankenstein stickman, Andrew Winter. They rehearsed with Andrew, and the three of them immediately clicked. With the fourth and final addition of ‘Gringo Motel’ multi-instrumentalist Tom Scheponik on keys, A Brood of Vipers were born.

The thought behind the band is to write songs that are stripped down and to the point while sustaining a dynamic approach. The lyrics tend to focus on a darker side of life and are designed to make the listeners evaluate their thoughts. With elements of Punk, Garage, Blues and a hint of Jazz, ‘A Brood of Vipers’ are sure to make their own mark on music.

The Choir Diary

Wiley Gaby, Teresa Jimenez, and Jeffrey Doker grew up in the Florida Panhandle, making music together and independently throughout childhood. After trekking separate paths across the country they converged musically in Brooklyn in 2013 to form country/rock band The Choir Diary. These three songwriters all have different stories to tell, but their songs blend together naturally through a shared pioneer fancy and a North Florida nostalgia.

These Apalachicola River escapees are newly joined by lead guitarist Jeff Mensch, whose impressive list of projects includes Money & King, Bel Air, and Colonna Sonora. The Choir Diary draws on such influences as Dolly Parton, George Jones, Fleetwood Mac, Neko Case, Gram Parsons, and The New Pornographers to craft a fresh and honest sound built upon a love and reverence for the foundations of country rock.

"Damn beautiful ..." - NEXT Magazine

"Hold Me Tight" (DJ Dance Party)


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