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Daryl Shawn

Daryl Shawn grew up among Amish farms in rural Pennsylvania, studied classical and flamenco guitar in between jazz classes at Berklee College of Music, hitchhiked to San Francisco and formed Maxwell Horse, a trio which was soon opening shows for the likes of Brendan Benson and Rocket from the Crypt. After four releases and a number of successful tours, he split up the band and left the United States for the remote Mexican city of Oaxaca, where he spent five years writing solo instrumental and vocal songs and building his own approach to the acoustic guitar outside the influences of any scene. Leaving Mexico in 2009, he spent several years with no fixed address before settling in Brooklyn, New York.Shawn is frequently on the road and has developed a taste for endurance challenges, from undertaking solo tours of up to 45 dates by train and bus to doing a full set in each of New York’s five boroughs in one marathon day of performance.Currently, Shawn is celebrating the release of his latest album, “In Place”, while continuing to book and play live shows all across North America.

I'm Chantilly. I'm a singer-songwriter, blogger, and educator. I've written and put out two albums, sometimes play shows, am currently co-founding a grassroots organization in NYC for musicians called the Noise Collective, and also occasionally (recently) do work for the wonderful digital agency Cyber PR. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my four cats and boyfriend Matt (he takes most of my style photos.) I think a lot about self improvement, creativity, and scheming on how to spend all my days in cafes. I write a lot of this blog about things that inspire me, outfits I wear, food I eat, and projects I do. You know... blogger stuff 🙂 I write a lot of my songs about silly heartbreaks, impossible attractions, improbable fantasies, and things otherwise inappropriate or for everyday conversation.

Brian Dolzani

Brian Dolzani is a critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter based in Fairfield, CT. He writes deeply personal songs about relationship, family, faith and redemption, fear and dissatisfaction. 'I lost my father in a car accident when I was fifteen,' Brian reflects, 'and my purpose was cast. I was left with a guitar in my hand, and a determination to discover and redeem what I thought was lost to me to a universe that could be so giving and so cruel. The Examined Life is what I pursue through my songs.’’ It's this combination of reverence and defiance that makes Brian's music so interesting and relatable.

Brian is releasing his 6th independent record titled ‘If I Don’t Speak A Word…’, and has shared shows with Peter Case, The Subdudes, Frank Turner, William Elliot Whitmore, Caravan of Thieves, and many more. Brian performs up and down the East Coast from Vermont to Atlanta, charming audiences with his vulnerable and accessible songwriting and honest and heartfelt performances.



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