Steve Gilbert (of Last in Line), The Kyle Perkins Band, King Doob (of Pig Mountain), Jonathan Battleship Hughes

Steve Gilbert (of Last in Line)

Bristol, VA. Heartfelt acoustic, punk folk & country on the road.

The Kyle Perkins Band

Acoustic punk/blues/country/folk featuring wild-eyed, bushy-tailed members of 25 Minutes to Go, Appalucia, Hectagons, Sister fister, Carolina Hemlocks, Overmountain Men, Leadville Social Club, The Holy Smokes, Andy the Doorbum, The Luciferian Agenda & Clavius.

King Doob (of Pig Mountain)

Solo songs from Dustin Outen of Pig Mountain, Salted Slugs, Chamelon & Hulk.

Jonathan Battleship Hughes

King of the Bros.
Acoustic jams from Jonathan of 25 Minutes to Go, Sister Fister, HU/LK and Sext Message.



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