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Different Sleep

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Sweater Beats

Phi Unit is a Brooklyn based producer and DJ. His music is rhythm and bass for the club and the bedroom. What started as an obsession to manipulate music on the turntable since his early teen years, has turned into live sets described as a mix of underground global sounds, with future pop harmonies, that make Phi Unit your little sisters favorite DJ.

Scientists and mathematicians have studied the Phi Unit ratio (~1.618) for centuries because of its frequent appearance in many proportions throughout nature. The Phi Unit, also known as the Golden Ratio, can be seen in the arrangement of branches along the stems of plants, the proportion of chemical compounds and crystals, and in the spirals of seashells. Co-opting his name from "the most beautiful number" in existence, Phi Unit's music can be described to have a proportional balance that leads to beautiful harmonies.

A veteran in the Brooklyn and NYC music scene, Phi Unit has performed alongside an ever growing list of acts such as Big Freedia, Tittsworth, Clockwork, Munchi, Nadastrom, Cosmo Baker, DJ Ayres, DJ Sliink, Nick Catchdubs, DJ Sabo, and Que Bajo just to name a few.

Phi Unit is also the Co-Founder and President of Building Beats, a registered non-profit organization that develops and expands DJ and music education programs that teach entrepreneurial, leadership, and life skills.



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