Tsunamis Aren't Funny (but we are): A Comedy Benefit for Japan

Tsunamis really are not funny. Neither are earthquakes, volcanoes, or nuclear power plants exploding. Luckily, we are very funny and we'd like to make you laugh and give your money to the much needed efforts of the American Red Cross in Japan. In a very special trans bay comedy collaboration, Sylvan Productions and FAB are teaming up for this very special event.

Come join us for a crazy extravaganza of stand-up comedy, music, and improv for a good cause. Starring some of the best stand-up comics in the Bay, including special guest Jabari Davis. Sylvan Productions will dazzle you with some improv, and most likely drag you up on stage.


Jabari Davis

Hailing out of LA- Altadena to be exact - Jabari Davis has taken the San Francisco Comedy community by storm with humor that combines down & dirty street smarts with thought provoking intellect. With a style that interweaves true-life failures backed by undeniable logic, his comedic dialogue transcends not only cultural barriers, but social classes as well. His cutting edge yet classic anecdotes are reminiscent of the greats: Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Redd Foxx, Woody Allen

Jabari has also been making waves in the San Franciscos theater community as a Solo Performer. He recently performed a snippet of his upcoming One Man Show "Felony Swagger with a Degree," at the San Francisco Theater Festival and received rave reviews.

Jabari can be seen at venues across the Bay Area including The Purple Onion and Club Deluxe. The highly anticipated Stand Up Comedy DVD "Escape From LA" is available now for purchase.

Clare O'Kane

Comedian, Photographer, Family Man. Have you ever met anybody with more moles than friends?

Cory Loykasek

Cory Loykasek is a comedian in San Francisco. He has co-written a screenplay that needs a few more drafts, had over 100 decently drawn cartoons in print, written/acted in over 20 sketches, made a pretty okay rap album, and currently is performing standup all over the bay area in select Mexican restaurants and laundry mats.

Is Cory funny? A lot of cool people think so. This one guy, Derrick, he was the JV quarterback at his division III high school, went to prom and everything, thinks Cory is “pretty fuckin’ good.”

“Spellbiding” – Sebastian Janikowski

“Cory isn’t a genius, but he channels genius” – Snooki

“Worthless” – Michael Loykasek

Becky Wolf

Becky Wolf is funny, has been funny since conception; comedy is intertwined to her deoxyribonucleic acid. Years of chiding and happenstance brought her to the stage and the adoring audience fixed her in the spotlight.


Becky entertains crowds with raw, bold, down-to-earth comedy, using amusing anecdotes and satire for social justice. She has performed in highly acclaimed shows for Jabari Davis and Associates, Speech Therapy and Be Funny 365. She is also a co-host of the biweekly FAB Comedy showcase at the Mel-O-Dee Lounge in El Cerrito, CA.

So there you have it, a deceivingly simple biography for the promising, burgeoning Bay Area comedian: Becky Wolf. What else do you want?

Amy Miller

Amy Miller is an internet star and comic. You can find her pretty much everywhere most of the time.

David Gborie

David Gborie was born on May 5th, 1987, and was raised in the Seattle Metro area where he honed his comedic talents. At an early age, it became apparent that David's ability to Ball, his Ballaptitude, as it were, would be out of control, and it was then that he knew he would be an incredible baller. David spent his formative years in Colorado, where he was running the 303 ragged, and, in general, fucking all manner of shit up. In early 2010, David moved westward with a dream, a pocketful of jokes, and the sassiest mouth this side of the Mississippi. He now lives in the Bay Area, where you can catch him telling jokes and wrecking faces all around.

Kristee Ono

Caitlin Gill

A rising talent in the San Francisco comedy scene, people are talking about Caitlin Gill. Most of those are people stuck in conversations with her father, who is really, really excited about his daughter telling dirty jokes to strangers in clubs. Her style twists her personal experiences into engaging bits and stories, and drops phrases in your ear that will later litter your lexicon. Since beginning her career in 2007, Caitlin has performed at the San Francisco Punchline, the Purple Onion, 12 Galaxies, and a couple of places in the tenderloin that used to be comedy clubs but are now abandoned buildings. She is also the host of the "The Ladies Room" Open Mic at the Brainwash, and "The Ladies Room" Showcase at Club Deluxe.

The Front Row

A Sketch Comedy troupe consisting of four women?

It's about f*cking time, right?

The Front Row is (pictured: left-right)

LAUREN: A native to the Bay Area, Lauren met Lisa and Jenny in Los Angeles 2008 in what would later be known as the original Sexy Road Trip. Lauren is the self proclaimed snarkiest member of the troupe, although that comment has been widely argued by fans as well as the troupe itself.

LAYLA: A Bay Area native, Layla is fluent in nerdery and became well-known for her rapier wit at the tender age of four, when she implored her mother to take her out to pick up men. She is the de facto boy of the troupe and really likes cake.

JENNIFER: A native of Oklahoma, Jennifer moved to the Bay Area to pursue something resembling a career in comedy. The other biggest news this year for her is that she got a cat. Just a cat. She enjoys aging British men and being the youngest member of the troupe.

LISA: A local to the Bay Area, Lisa started her career in comedy with her first "Pull my finger" joke at the age of 7 months, and has never looked back. She enjoys travelling, being grouchy, and being the crudest member of the group. Dick.

Mary Van Note

About Mary Van Note:

Mary Van Note is a stand-up comedienne of the weird variety. She performs at colleges, clubs and festivals across the country and she is the creator and star of the award winning Independent Film Channel web series The Mary Van Note Show: Gavin Really Wants Me. The San Francisco Bay Guardian called her a “Zine-Queen Comedian” as she regularly makes zines, crafts and mini-comics. Her specialties are stick-figures and cross-stitch.


“A Gracie Allen for the new millennium, Van Note’s comedic styling is truly unique, as she combines elements of raunchy slapstick with charmingly innocent self-deprecation.” – Flypmedia.com

“Kaufman-esque.” – Jesse Thorn of The Sound of Young America

“Van Note’s film shorts reminded us of Andy Samberg’s digital shorts for SNL, but darker. Like all good comedians, she makes us laugh by being brutally honest. She’s crude and vulnerable at the same time. And she’s hella funny.” – SF Weekly

* SF Weekly’s Masterminds 2010 grant recipient, Feb 2010
* SF Sketchfest, invited performer, Jan 2010
* Andy Kaufman Award Semi-Finalist, Nov 2009
* Bridgetown Comedy Festival, invited performer, Apr 2009
* SXSW, invited performer, Mar 2009
* Wins Best Sketch Comedy Series award for The Mary Van Note Show at the 2009 Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival. (June 2009)
* Short film “Papercuts” plays on IFC March 2009
* The Mary Van Note Show: Gavin Really Wants Me, on IFC and IFC.COM July 2008
* First place winner and Champion of the Twisted Biscuit 2006 Competition.
* June 2006 Comic of the Month winner at rooftopcomedy.com.


Tickets Available at the Door

A portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit the efforts of the American Red Cross in Japan. To give additional funds, please text REDCROSS to 90999 to Give $10.

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