Steddy P & DJ Mahf "Breakfast with Doctor Gonzo" CD Release

Steddy P is not your average rapper, and he'll be the first to admit these are not average times, so he writes an array of songs depicting his life as best he can, simply honest. Steddy P has also become involved in video editing and graphic design, so now his platform for expression is much bigger than it's ever been entering a new decade and the most important time, now.

A native to Kansas City, MO, Steddy has an enormous passion for the music he creates. His experiences in this harsh music climate date back to 2004 during his stint in college, assembling Steddy English mixtapes with resources from Streetside Records and Kinkos. Hailing from Kansas City, Steddy was forced to research the art form that caught his attention so much.

With no major labels or legitimate endorsers, Steddy P along with Andy Price and Eddy English started IndyGround Entertainment, a label striving to create an aesthetic separate from popular culture, focusing regionally on the Middle of Map, USA. At first, the label placed emphasis on the Interstate 70 highway stretch from Lawrence to St. Louis and everything in-between; but now thanks to a grassroots approach and five years of hard work, IndyGround continues to expand nationally. Along with business partner Adam Hoffsette (Magic8 Designs), Steddy runs the IndyGround Headquarters out of downtown Kansas City, MO.

Sharing stages with some of the best live hip hop acts in the business has definitely made critics pay attention to Steddy P. Frequently performing as opening support for these acts in the Midwest region, he leaves the usual conventions of stereotypical rappers by the wayside, earning stripes month by month for over the last two years along side DJ Mahf relentlessly touring the Midwest region.

Steddy P has recently opened for Tech N9ne, Talib Kweli, Brother Ali, Murs, P.O.S, Cool Kids, Flobots, Blueprint, Sadat X of Brand Nubian, Blackalicious, Qwel of Typical Cats, and the list goes on...

Known for his ability to move crowds, dig deep in the crates, and always keep it funky; DJ MAHF walks a fine line between artistic turntablist and party rocker. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri he began experimenting on the decks when he was in high school. Since, he has played just about every major venue in the region & has been all over the world spreading his signature sound.

In St. Louis, MO The Riverfront Times has crowned him "Best Hip Hop DJ" in '06 & '09 and most recently was named St. Louis' 2010 Red Bull Thre3style Champion and then went on to place 4th in U.S. Finals.

Brett Gretzky


Joey Cool

Joey Cool is making his mark in Kansas City's Hip Hop scene. Some consider him a poet of our time, combining his story telling abilities and vivid wordplay, intertwined with a passion for good music. His skill started at the early age of childhood, by the age of 15 he started free styling and hit the studios. In 2005, Joey Cool left his home town (Kansas City)and moved to Chicago to pursue a degree in Music Business with an emphasis on Talent Management from Columbia College of Chicago. In 2008, Joey Cool returned to Kansas City and immediately picked up where he left off. He began booking performances and spending numerous hours in the studio. Relentlessly working to perfect his craft. Since 2009, Joey has released 5 album-like mixtapes including Deliverance volumes 2 & 3, (Vol. 1 was released in 2007) Forewarning, The Unheard, and the Unexpected. It doesn't stop here for Joey Cool. The support of his family, friends, and fans, give way to his motivation and ambition. His pure talent is what distinguishes him from others. Be on the lookout for this young hungry emcee, a true rising star.

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