Tuesday Night House Party with The Hobosexuals featuring Special guest Fred Friction

The Hobosexuals

The Hobosexuals are every dirtbag that has ever spun drunk in a soybean field and fell in a pile of cow shit, every snot rocket that has ever put a dog on it, every heart breakin', money takin', tenacious, flirtatious man or women, every jobless hard workin jerk who loves to be here but has to get away. You too can be a Hobosexual!

Fred Friction

Fred Friction first made a name for himself in the St. Louis music scene as producer and frontman of Night of a 1,000 Spoons, a highlight among the many themed shows in the early indie rock scene based at Cicero’s Basement Bar, and as a sideman on spoons with Enormous Richard.

With Mark Stephens, he formed The Highway Matrons in 1994 and began to emerge as a major songwriter. He also is an important tastemaker as host of Fishin’ with Dynamite on KDHX and former owner the seminal Frederick’s Music Lounge.

"Fred Friction does not offer precision, flashiness or a flawless performance. He offers the truth. And though this local legend has an army of musicians to choose from when he wants accompaniment for his live shows, he frequently prefers to present his deceptively simple songs with just his voice and an acoustic guitar. He sings sweet stories of childhood dreams, relays booze-soaked tales of regret and pushes through sad love songs with twist endings. Friction's songs are personal and touching in such a way that it is impossible to separate the man from the music. His sincere delivery is inimitable, and the tunes are always delivered with wise, knowing eyes and a bemused grin.



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