DTCV (formerly Detective)

DTCV (formerly Detective)

Named after the Jean-Luc Godard film, Los-Angeles based garage pop outfit Détective was initially conceived as a studio project by James Greer, former member of Guided By Voices, and Guylaine Vivarat, a long-time member of the LA music scene (Useless Keys, Tennis System). Since forming in March 2012, Détective has released two EPs, Very Fallen World and Basket of Masks, and a full length album, However Strange, which was released in late August on cassette by Burger Records to coincide with a national tour opening for Guided By Voices in September.

The Revolutionary Sweethearts

A rock n roll duo from the City of Oaks. Brandy sings and plays drums while Richard sings and plays baritone guitar. The band, whose handle stems from a Camper Van Beethoven LP, draws inspiration from Neutral Milk Hotel, The White Stripes, Etta James, and Fugazi. Filled with catchy pop melodies, curious harmonies & driving rhythms, their music is simple yet dynamic

Damn Fine Coffee

Damn Fine Coffee, the latest project of Jonn Buzby (Land of Chocolate, Finneus Gauge) takes a stripped-down approach to the frenetic musical mayhem that has long been a trademark, eschewing the use of guitar in exchange for a more simplistic trio that most notably resembles Ben Folds Five in terms of setup and personnel... The similarities to BFF end there, however, as Damn Fine Coffee takes a much more daring approach to songwriting than most, combining intellectually mind-numbing mixed-meter grooves with multi-part vocal harmonies and interweaving lines between piano and bass, while still maintaining a penchant for the ever-melodic and memorable melodies that are *just* enough to confuse the mass public into believing they're still listening to some good ol' pop music...

DFC's take? Screw the cream. Forget the sugar. This is the high test stuff, people... Ain't it time YOU tried some Damn Fine Coffee?

$8.00 - $9.00


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