Eliot Rose

Eliot Rose

Eliot Rose began as a low-fi Casio purist in the late 90s. Over the course of the following decade Eliot walked the Earth, and in the process his melodic pop songs emerged from their chrysalis of dross. His 2008 album The Calculated Dream was a peppy affair full of Eno-esque tunes about longing, travel, and death, buoyed up on on layers of Soviet-era synthesizers, African thumb pianos, sampled beats, and melodica. It was named one of the local albums of the year by the Portland Mercury, but Eliot was not content to be a local star in a global age, and shortly after the album's release he moved to the Bay Area to be closer to the epicenter of the tech boom, the earthquakes, and the dawn of a new universal consciousness. At this show he'll be unveiling the results: his new album, Natural Panic, moves between ecstatic dance spasms and tender acoustic moments, delivered on stage with a mix of live accompaniment, guided visualizations, and pure radiant vibes.

Patrick O'Malley

Patrick O’Malley has been writing, recording, and performing music since the mid-Nineties. Starting out as a self-described “Jacques Brel of Southern California”, Patrick continues to write angsty and observational songs about isolation, suburban sprawl, insurance scams, and dysfunctional relationships against a backdrop of varied arrangements including straight-up rock, chamber-pop, and folk. He has released several albums and appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle. Since his 2010 album Looking Over, which showed the influence of Prefab Sprout and I’m Your Man-era Leonard Cohen, he has been working on a new album which he will be releasing at this show and performing with his three-piece backing band.

Paint the Trees White

Paint the Trees White is the recording project of Josh Permenter, who creates off-the-cuff pop music with melodic guitar hooks and an emphasis on storytelling. Combining his love of sixties west coast pop with nineties era indie rock, he fuses these genres to create a unique sound that is distinctly American and all his own.


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