Hello Wheels, Wild Bill & the Lost Knobs, Gilded Splinters, Gumboot Dogs

Hello Wheels

We sing the songs we write with the power of four-part harmony. We all write the songs. We all sing them together.

We thump. We pluck. We strum. We strike.

We stomp. And the people do too...

Wild Bill & the Lost Knobs

Wild Bill has been keeping Austin weird since 2005, playing and writing for a variety of some of the most interesting underground bands in town. He now plays rowdy accoustic outlaw-indy shows with a little help from his everchanging/always rotating band, the Lost Knobs. With a commanding stage presence, Wild Bill keeps the crowd on their toes with an open-ended set that can go from cosmic country straight over to a full-on dance party from out of nowhere. Representing his roots of folk, country, and punk, Wild Bill adds humor and hip hop beats that make his music standout in a city known for unique individualism.

Gilded Splinters

"It’s a keeper about keepin’ on no matter what, and it sets a tone of strut, swagger, and love-gone-wrong storytelling for an album that brims with all of that."- The Boston Globe

Gumboot Dogs

Cooked up in Cuernavaca over some late night beers on the front porch. Singer/songwriter Shawn Nelson and Wayne Sutton(Little Sister/Sister 7, Spit and Tears, The Coveters and the Brian Keane Band) liked each other and each other's songs and decided they ought to just start a band. They called up their favorite yoga master Glenn Mcgregor (54 seconds, Patrice Pike) to play Bass and he said "Yes"!! With such a trio of good vibes and nice guys, they needed a smiling drummer that can throw it down. Duh, that's Robb Kidd (Papa Mali, Toni Price)..The first rehearsal was magical. Which was a good thing, since the calendar is filling up fast!

$5.00 - $7.00

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