Rachel Levitin, Jamie Kathleen, Suzie Brown, Brittany Jean

Rachel Levitin

Rachel Levitin is a Chicago-born singer-songwriter and award-winning multi-instrumentalist currently based in Washington, D.C. Having over a fifteen years of live performance experience under her belt as well as an unwavering passion for storytelling through song, Levitin continues to create an intimate show -- no matter the stage -- across the country. Levitin's style ranges from folk-influenced rock songs to country storytelling with a dash of blue notes thrown in for good measure. Fans of American rock, soul, and jazz will find hints of their favorite genre's history combined with Levitin's emotional performance to make for quite the compelling live show.

Jamie Kathleen

Singer /Songwriter Jamie Kathleen Boyd is influenced by a range of music genres from jazz to indie styles. Her live performances around the Washington DC area have made her an in demand artist among the Frederick music scene.

Jamie received the People's Choice Award in the best young artist category in 2009; it was presented by Lamont Dozier at the SAW/BMI Songwriter?s Showcase.

Boyd continues to build her music catalog as she experiments within different genres and styles honing in on a sound that is all her own.

Suzie Brown

Though it's been only five years since she penned her first and four since she made her debut with the five-song EP "Side Streets," it's hard for Suzie Brown to imagine a time when she wasn't writing and performing songs. Music feels like a second skin.

That doesn't mean the Harvard-trained cardiologist has given up medicine, but as she prepares for the October release of her sophomore album, "Almost There," the Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter continues to carve out her place in the rich Folk/Americana tradition. The entirely fan-funded album, which was produced in Nashville's Sound Emporium studio by Oliver Wood (The Wood Brothers), showcases the gift for unforgettable melodies and evocative lyrics that Brown brought to "Heartstrings," her acclaimed 2011 full-length debut.

But it also reveals an artist increasingly in command of her craft. Brown and her in-studio band (including Grammy Award winner Scot Sax on guitar, Jano Rix of The Wood Brothers on drums, organ and piano, Oliver Wood on guitar and background vocals, James "Hags" Haggerty on bass, and Jim Hoke on pedal steel and horns) recorded the album live in seven days. The result is an elegant yet unvarnished yet 11-song collection that harks back to the recordings of influences like Bonnie Raitt, Patty Griffin and, of course, The Wood Brothers.

"As Oliver said about The Wood Brothers recordings, they like to leave the warts on," says Brown. "It just translates into a more emotional and real sound. It makes you feel the music."

Nowhere is that more evident on tracks like "Almost There", a cleverly spun meditation on the yearning for some goal always beyond our reach, "Fallen Down," a spare and aching lament for the lives stolen in the Connecticut school shooting, "Space Between," a haunting yet ultimately redeeming portrait of the battles that wear love down and "Don't Know if I Dare," a delicate moment of striking vulnerability in which Brown splays her doubts and fears in the face of genuine love. Elsewhere, she is breezy and playful, serving up a wry dose of cautious affection on the retro country-rock of "Receipt for Love," turning love's departure into sweet elegy on the bluesy, reggae-tinged "Sugar Blues" and reveling in the giddy joys of love in "Everywhere I Go".

The songs all bear an autobiographical imprint.

"I write songs to process my life, so the songs are a true reflection of what was going on during that time," says Brown. "Music is my place to be honest about my life."

It's a necessary space that allows her to shake off the mantle of stoicism that comes with being a doctor. She admits it can be frustrating living a life of halves but her work at the hospital, even if part-time, suits the more 'type-A' part of her personality and her true affinity for helping others. Brown, the daughter of two doctors, spent 11 years training to be a top research cardiologist before the pull of music proved too powerful to ignore. She was affirmed fairly quickly in committing to it, receiving several awards, including being named a semi-finalist in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition, and having her music featured in chains such as Starbucks, Anthropologie and The Gap.

"I can't believe that my life was ever any way other than how it is right now," says Brown. "I can't even imagine if I hadn't pursued music – I would feel lost. This is who I am."

Brittany Jean

Brittany Jean has been writing, performing, and recording music since 2002, releasing two acoustic albums before forming a three-piece band to open for Hanson and Rooney in Richmond, VA in July, 2010. Together the band has released two EPs. DCROCKLIVE has compared Brittany's style to Ani DiFranco with "rock levels where things almost get a bit Joplin-esque".


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