"When you think of Nappy, you think raw and untamed," says Nappy Roots member Scales, explaining the hip-hop sextet's unique moniker. "But you also think pure and natural." "That's what we are," chimes in partner in rhyme, Skinny DeVille. "Our name signifies our unwillingness to conform with fads. Once the fads die out, you always come back to the roots."
As for the group's roots, they trace back to Western Kentucky University, 1995. Comprised of the Kentucky-bred Skinny DeVille, B. Stille, Ron Clutch, and Big V. along with Oakland's R. Prophet and Milledgeville, Georgia's own Scales, the group was drawn together by a simple love of music.
Of course, the Nappy Roots creative formula has been paying off for years now, giving rise to an underground following courted through tantalizingly belligerent flows, intuitive hood analysis, and PA-melting beats. Created and sold at ET's, the Nappy Roots 1998 indie album, "COUNTRY FRIED CESS," flew off the retail shelves from the word go. In fact, NR garnered such a tremendous buzz with the album that representatives from Atlantic Records soon came a-knocking. As they're quick to point out, flossing is not their style. They're much happier with the simple things in life. "We are trying to make people realize that it’s good to just be you," says Skinny DeVille, who, along with his five other mic cohorts, rhymes about "ballin' on a budget." "That's essentially what Nappy Roots is about. We're glamorizing being average."
In shying from narcissistic, flashy images, "WATAMELON, CHICKEN, AND GRITZ" stands as the antithesis of the norm. "Our music is just like those foods -fresh of the earth, of the soul." Indeed, the Nappy collective s serves up a hearty helping of soul food for thought. "Ain't about thuggin', it ain't about hustlin', it’s about seeing your kids go without strugglin'."
The Scales-composed "Life's a Risk" is equally as ruminating with such Skinny DeVille rhymes as "On the verge of loosing my mind as well as my last nerve/I served my last dime standin' on this crack curb." In this way, the group places you on the frontlines of a future fraught with uncertainty. With production contributions from the likes of Carlos Broady and label mate JazzePha, the album possesses an abundance of tracks sure to secure Nappy Roots among the game's most contemplative thinkers as it also demonstrates their readiness to party crunk with the best of them -as they reveal on the block rattling "N-A-P-P-Y."

James Lopez, better known by his stage name Big Lo (born October 9, 1982), is a Spanish-American Hip-Hop emcee and producer now residing in Pensacola, Florida. Big Lo’s music has been described as containing “a balanced number of samples to ride with his at times comical yet seriously hardcore flow.” (Duss Rodgers, The Music Biz Buzz) It has been further noted that within Big Lo’s music “realism and knowledge is delivered effortless with ever flowing cascades of fresh rhymes and cuts.” ( Big Lo is best known for collaborations with underground Hip-Hop luminaries Vast Aire, Tonedeff, and Beretta 9/Kinetic 9 of Killarmy, his mixtape First Priority (2008) hosted by Shadyville/G-Unit’s DJ Epps, as well as his critically acclaimed live performances. Over the past five years Big Lo has performed all over the Southeast United States including stops in major markets including Orlando for Florida Music Festival in 2007 and 2008, Miami for Sony Music’s Krib.Tv, and Atlanta for the 2006 Revolution Break Battle. Additionally, in 2009 Big Lo rocked the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City for MEANY Fest and since has opened for Lil Kim and Nappy Roots at Pensacola’s Vinyl Music Hall. Considering Big Lo’s live performance, music critics have remarked, “Equipped with minimalist attire, the Pensacola artist fired machine-gun alliteration paired with Shakespeare- sharp depth of content that set fire throughout the venue’s performance room.” (Michael L. Smith, Take Cover and Shoot/Pensacola News Journal) Moreover, it was stated that, “He [Big Lo] had conviction in his eyes…standing out from today’s mainly commercial brand of Hip-Hop.” (Alicia Lyman, Orlando City Beat) Throughout his career Big Lo has released three studio albums (Where Am I Going?, Mindstate: Freedom, and The Plague) and has been featured on a multitude of mixtapes. Big Lo has also released videos for the songs “Come on Down” featuring DainjaRuss, “Good Music”, “More Like” featuring Tommy 2 Face, “Inception”, and “Peace is for Buddhists” featuring Inferno. He is preparing to release his fourth studio album, Magnum Opiates, in early 2013.

Mad Love Presents: Coffee Shop Hip Hop

Coffee Shop Hip Hop set is a new day acoustic set; with keyboard, singing, rapping, and trumpet ; (available before, after and in between sets); and full set with live band. Front man, emcee Precise aka Tee Will, singer/keyboard player Nikolai Savino, and trumpet player Brian vogel. This trio delivers memorable performances either way.

Mad Love raises the bar on live performances by fusing cover songs with there own Mad Love twist. Such as:

* Pink Floyd
* Grateful Dead
* Bob Marley
* Tupac
* Snoop Dogg
* Lil' Wayne
* Imagine Dragons
* Sublime
* Kanye West
* And many more legendary artists and bands

MadLovE, A hip hop band from Pensacola Florida, that performs Originals from lead vocals PRECISE solo and mix albums, while fusing classic hip hop, funk, and rock REMIXED covers HERE AND THERE. MadLovE Has opened up for Grammy Award winning Arrested Development, the world renowned Fishbone, Hip Hop legend Big Daddy Kane and The las Supper, Platinum recording artist Coolio and Atlantic records act The Mad Violinist. Witnessing one show will be an unforgettable MAD LOVE EXPERIENCE. STAY UP & STAY PRECISE.

Beamin' & Timmy

$12.00 - $15.00


* General Admission * Standing Room Only- If Seating Is Available, It Will Be On A Strictly First Come/First Serve Basis * Additional $5 Cash Surcharge At The Door For Under 21 * Attendees Under 16 Must Be Accompanied By A Ticketed, Adult Guardian *

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