holychild with Finish Ticket and Swaai Boys

If there is a middle ground between Katy Perry and Bjork (or pop and experimental) in contemporary popular music, holychild is it. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, holychild’s latest music video, “Best Friends," was exclusively premiered by MTV Buzzworthy who named it the song of the summer.

Finish Ticket

Finish Ticket is an alternative/indie pop band from the Bay Area. "They released their debut EP, Life Underwater, in September of 2009. The band has been receiving radio play since December and was recently named one of the top 10 local bands to watch out for in 2010 by Aaron Axelson who hosts Live 105's Radio Soundcheck. Finish Ticket was also showcased in late 2009 as one of the top five bands of the present San Francisco music scene." --East Bay Express

Swaai Boys

The tropical pop group SWAAI BOYS was founded by Andrew McInerney, "the Archaeologist," who pitched camp in New York City to unveil the musical artifacts of his travels. For this difficult and noble task he sought the help of three compatriots: Andrew Roth, "the Warrior," Jose Ginarté, "the Scholar," and Caleb Townsend, "the Magician."



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