Brothers Past

Brothers Past

Some bands are recognized for their outstanding live show, others for their prowess in the studio. Philadelphia's Brothers Past garners accolades on both fronts, emerging at the forefront of electro-rock with a willingness to blend various styles seamlessly into an original sound. Yet, whether live or in the studio, the art of songcraft is the prevailing element in their music.

Sonic Spank

SONIC SPANK was formed in early 2009 by Benjamin Karp & Ian McGuire with drummer Scotty Zwang added in early 2010. The trio seamlessly blends House, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Jazz, Funk and Dubstep beats through two laptops while incorporating live keyboard, guitar, and drum improvisation laid on top. Ben & Ian have been friends since Preschool and have collaborated on music starting at earliest stages possible, explaining their undeniable chemistry on stage and innocent perversion. SONIC SPANK penetrates the line between the craft of DJing and virtuoso instrumental musicianship.

SONIC SPANK has made numerous high-profile appearances at clubs, parties, radio stations and festivals with an enthusiastic response from audiences. So far, SONIC SPANK has been billed with major national/international acts including the Disco Biscuits, Pretty Lights, Lotus, Crystal Method, The New Deal, Infected Mushroom, Big Gigantic, The Egg, Conspirator, Pnuma Live PA, EOTO, OTT, ESKMO, Sub Swara, Brothers Past, Alex B, Future Rock & Emancipator. Additionally, Ian McGuire, Ben Karp & Scotty Zwang have collaborated onstage with members of The Disco Biscuits, Brothers Past, Lotus, Future Rock, Orchard Lounge, Biodiesel, KJ Sawka, Breakscience, The Pnuma Trio, Sonkin, Lo Life, RAQ, Calvin Weston and The Ally to name a few.
The tremendous Buzz surrounding SONIC SPANK is undeniable! Just ask the Wall Street Journal... "Sonic Spank punches hard with little subtlety, but drummer Scotty Zwang makes it work with innovative punctuations. Get to the club as early as you can!"

Cosmic Dust Bunnies

Cosmic Dust Bunnies are a very unique electronic/jam style band that layer in influences from Reggae, Dub, Funk, Rock, Pop, and everything in between. Members include Matt Beckett on bass, Matt Dempsey on guitar, Chris Sellas on keys, and Eric Hyland on drums. All musicians of the New Haven area for many years, these 4 musicians met up in 2006 for the main purpose of improvisational jams. The band quickly took to songwriting and the band evolved into what it is today. Now with a self titled EP under their belt (recorded, produced and mixed by Sellas and Dempsey), CDB hits the stage with a fury and an ultimate goal of getting everybody up and moving. With a desire to never let a show drag, the songs often flow from one to another, sometimes encompassing entire sets. With a hefty mix of originals, improvisation and a few covers, Cosmic Dust Bunnies have been playing stronger than ever since their hiatus in 2009.

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