Some people act like stars. Some people see stars. But Rllrbll I think might actually be stars — the galactic kind, giant nuclear fusion engines firing atoms & light across the vacuum of the universe. Right now, of course, the five members of Rllrbll are trapped in human form, mere dying bones, blood, & brain cells. Yet there are moments during every Rllrbll album when it seems like they cease to exist. They have transcended gravity, time, space. They have become energy."
~ John Graham, Williamette Week
A brief introduction to Rllrbll (formerly Rollerball)
In a recent show preview, one Portland music critic wrote, "Which Rllrbll will show up?" It was an acknowledgement of Rllrbll's voracious creative appetite. They write smoky, dark, post-cabaret songs with accordian and dueling male-female vocal harmonies; blat out gnarled jazz-damaged improvisations with reeds, brass, shakers, and wild-eyed drumming; make you ache with melodic bass-and-piano-driven drifters; and get you up with skronking noise-beat laced with samples. They are always exploring, they fairly teeter into chaos, but their strong personalities always ensure that they are not too scattered. A certain "rllrbllness" always pervades.

Rllrbll continue to sharpen their unique musical vision with the release of their third Silber cd titled Catholic Paws/Catholic Pause. On their 11th album, Rllrbll continue pushing the boundaries between song and sound, free and structured, light and darkness. Utilizing every sonic knife in the aural scabbard, Rllrbll grafts organic song structure to analog jazz and digital noise. Experimenting. Collaborating. Making beautiful power music that creates emotion and energy. This time along for the ride, Rllrbll packs it's horn section with tuba guru Ben Wright, Italian sax stallion Jacopo Andreini, and Dang Head's Jamie Smith and Dylan Hinkley, and once again Ovo lends Rllrbll their really scary vocal and drum talents. Catholic Paws/Catholic Pause has all the elements that make a Rllrbll album so original, the catchy pop songs with tints of goth, the jazz maelstroms & the ambient whimpers.

Altogether, over the past decade Rllrbll has released 10 full-lengths, over a dozen EPs and singles, not to mention the compilations. They have also recorded releases for Roadcone, San Francisco's Cochon Records, Italian labels Wallace and Bar La Muerte, along with their own Portland, OR-based Nillacat and Felina y Magia. They have toured the western US regularly and have been to Europe twice. Most of the members reside at the Ranch Rllrbll and Salon where the group record, practice, and dine.

Rllrbll's Silber debut, Real Hair was released in late 2003, followed by Behind the Barber in June 2004, & more recently Catholic Paws/Catholic Pause & its associated Companion EPs in 2005. They have since been working with the Italian label Wallace Records, North Pole Records, & their own Nillacat along with Silber to bring out all the beautiful sounds they have to offer.


Dramady was formed in Portland Oregon in 2006 by Amanda Wiles and Zacery Stanley. They are talented multi-instrumentalists and have played in many bands including Rollerball, Six Foot Sloth, Narwhal vs Narwhal, Miss Massive Snowflake and The Pink Widower. They make music as a duo live and make it sound as big and dynamic as a full rock band using bass looping and the ability to play drums and keyboard at the same time. Their albums however are a more produced and refined pop sound. Dramady is a very active band, touring the Northwest and playing clubs in Portland year round.

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