The Blackouts

The Blackouts

Ali -lead vocals/guitar
Kate -lead guitar/vocals
Hope - drums/vocals

The Blackouts are a Denver based all female hard rock band. They began as a garage punk band in 2008, organized by British guitar player Kate Innes. Innes is defined by her unrestrained, raw, and in your face guitar playing. She was introduced to native Denver guitar player Ali Frankfurt, who after two years replaced the original singer. Frankfurt's aggressive vocal style has been compared to Bon Scott of AC/DC, transforming The Blackouts sound. In late 2011, Susan Phelan joined the band on bass. Phelan has played in numerous projects, where she plays a multitude of styles. Her ability and experience has transcended The Blackouts to a new level. California drummer Hope Bertsch was discovered through an advertisement, whose style and experience became the solid backbone of this foursome. The chemistry is undeniable and the band continues to work relentlessly! Today they are rockin' harder than ever with an aggressive and driving sound, reminiscent of bands like Motorhead, L7, AC/DC, and Joan Jett.

The Worth

"The Worth" is a newly formed 3-piece project, derived from a late night jukebox interaction involving a Kyuss song, which led a couple drunk assholes to the brilliant idea of starting up a "Stoner Rock" band. By the time the right drummer was in place, the sound had definitely branched into something a bit more eclectic. More furious than stoner rock, more melodic than punk, and more sludge driven than metal, the Worth has found it's niche in the Denver music scene.

"The Worth" features ex-members of "P:Wet"/"The Goddamn Rights!"(Omaha, NE), "Invisible Orange/Buford T. Justice"(Denver, CO), and "Leather Nun/Ride The Sun"(San Diego, CA).

a great band from Texas called Purple

"This one's almost all guitar - big, distorted, consuming guitar, the kind you have to brace yourself against." -Kiernan Maletsky, Westword



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