Radical Something

Radical Something

Loggy along with Josh Cocktail and DJ Big Red formed the band Radical Something. It is a departure from Loggy's original sound, and has a more relaxing Cali vibe, that is described as "California sun-rocking."

Every so often a new artist comes along with a sound so innovative, they are able to help reshape the barriers that confine mainstream music. Meet Outasight, the Yonkers, New York bred musician who brilliantly weaves together the cadenced sounds of popular hip-hop and indie rock with the poignant sensibility of classic pop and soul music to create a fresh, new sound that is all his own. "People are conditioned to see certain images for different genres of music," says the 27 year-old songwriter. "So if something looks or sounds out of the norm, it's more difficult to understand at first." In October 2009, Outasight signed a deal with Warner Brothers Records. Soon after his signing, Outasight released the mixtape Further. The project was sponsored by LRG clothing and was re-released by Asylum/Warner Records as an EP exclusively on ITunes in March 2010. On August 17th, 2010, Outasight released his latest mixtape, Never Say Never, again to much critical acclaim.

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