David Hasselhoff On Acid

DHOA is an experimental, instrumental band who dives head first into aggressive progression. When you watch this prog rock meets funk meets metal band, no drugs are necessary because the music never fails to put you in an altered state.

“We have no boundaries with our music, we believe in letting the songs go where the music takes us. Our music ranges from mellow jazz riffs to groovy funk and even bordering on the verge of metal. We put an immense amount of emotion in to our music and let ourselves be completely free from any false or fake energy on stage and off. Our live shows are more of an experience than a concert. We immerse people in the music until the show is done and the crowd wakes up from the reality we just put them in. We hold the idea that one cannot share their art with others unless the artist is completely part of their creation: the artist has to be the art. This is why our live shows are so powerful.”

Janet The Planet

Opossum Trot

Opossum Trot is an American alternative rock band based in Kansas City, Missouri.


Story Tellers from the mid west.

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