Totally Slow, Late Bloomer, Secret Hospital, Black Market

Totally Slow

We're gonna take this town. Knock it over shake the shitheads out. Tonight. Jump around. Scream out loud. Smile. Hold Hands. Shut up. Don't stop talking. We are going to die before we know it so rip your shirtsleeves off and get a I ♥ MOM tattoo and kiss the person next to you on the lips hard until they can't stop laughing fall down dead BOOM.

Late Bloomer

2 guys that love 80s/90s indie rock, punk, and grunge and 1 guy that is old enough to have lived through it. Using the old guy as our guide we seek to create original tunes that could have fit nicely in 1993.

Scott- Drums
Neil- Guitar, Vocals
Josh- Vocals, Bass

Secret Hospital

Mike, Carsten & Erik play songs and stuff.

Black Market

Four dudes, no rules. The only goal is to be loud and fast. We'll play a show in your kitchen, if you're into that.



Get a Snug Token worth $5 when you purchase your tix online! 18 up - Additional $5 surcharge for under 21 collected at door. Line up and showtime subject to change.

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