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When he wasn't watching Yo MTV Raps or Pump It up, Scarub, like many other L.A. hip-hop heads, grew up listening to the all hip-hop radio station, KDAY. It was during these early years that Scarub first gave himself the name Quaz (The kid who did), and later Mudd Foot, before settling on Scarub as his mc moniker. Scarub first hit the stage during an 8th grade talent show and he hasn't looked back since. As a student at L.A.'s Hamilton High, Scarub hooked up with fellow students Eligh and Murs and the trio formed the 3 Meloncholy Gypsy's or 3MG. Scarub like the rest of 3MG eventually made the move up to the bay area where he hooked up with Mystik Journeymen and was put down with the Living Legends crew.

The Living Legends crew is a family of independent hip-hop creators. From primary earth bases in Los Angeles and Oakland, the Legends extend worldwide and beyond.

It all started with BFAP (now known as Sunspot Jonz) and PSC (Luckyiam), who laid claim to the name of Mystik Journeymen in the early 1990s. By '94 they were locally legendary for throwing Underground Survivors shows, houseparty style at their loft - 4001 San Leandro Street in East Oakland. That's where the Grouch hooked up with the Journeymen in 1995, just before they took off on their renowned first European tour.

Around the same time in the southern part of the state, Mid-city Los Angeles to be exact, 3 Melancholy Gypsys (Murs, Scarub & Eligh) were part of the almost mythic Log Cabin crew going back to 1993. Log Cabin later broke up and the Gypsys wandered separately. As it turned out, the 3 would cross paths again in the Bay Area and became Living Legends.

Aesop came to Oakland from Fresno, Arata from Osaka, and Bicasso from various points, East, West and elsewhere...

In 1999 the Legends shifted their center of gravity to Los Angeles, but their presence has definitely not diminished in Oakland and the Bay. You know it makes no difference where they stay because the universe revolves around them anyway. Over the years, the Journeymen and the Legends have rocked Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada numerous times, plus they've toured the USA, north and south, east coast, west coast and beyond ...

In the years since the Legends have continued releasing solo and crew projects and now have a catalog of over 50 full-length albums and numerous singles. All in all, this crew of motivated do-it-yourselfers has sold over 200,000 albums collectively. The latest crew album "Creative Differences" has turned in to their best selling album to date, (with Soundscan numbers just under 23,000 so far) and continues to sell. Other recent releases are from CMA (Grouch & Luckyiam), Scarub, and Sunspot Jonz. New projects by Eligh, 3MG, Bicasso and Aesop are expected in 2005. March 8, 2005, will see the release of the Legends highly anticipated new album "Classic," a project the crew got together to record earlier this year. That was the first time in recent memory all 8 members were together with the purpose of recording a new project and what came out of those sessions is definitely their strongest material yet. Expect to see them spring 2005 coming to a city near you on tour promoting the new project. The group has no plans to let up, they're only turning up the fire, see if you can keep up. Legends Baby!!!!

If you were to only listen to the chatter online and in the newspapers and magazines of the world, you’d likely think that the only music being made in Portland, Oregon was lovelorn folk and literate indie rock. But scratch below that surface, and you’ll find a strong, vibrant underground hip-hop scene that dominates the stages and eardrums of the city for decades.
The Portland rap game couldn’t stay below street level forever. Word is starting to spread about the talent the Rose City boasts, and the one name that keeps popping up on people’s lips is a rapper known simply as Tope.
A good deal of that attention is due to the respect that Tope has earned for the years he’s committed to the scene. Starting in his teens, he’s been a fixture at local hip-hop showcases and freestyle jams. He eventually started a pair of groups, Living Proof (with Seattle-based rapper Prem) and the well-respected crew TxE with Epp and Calvin Valentine (aka G_Force). Tope has also been providing production help and dropping by for guest appearances on tracks by artists including Abstract Rude, Myka 9, TiRon, Planet Asia, Kev Brown, Scarub, LMNO, Waajeed, and many more.
As any restless and talented artist would, Tope has been stepping out on his own, releasing solo albums that have only burnished his talent even brighter. His latest effort Until The Next Time We Meet (released in March on Amigo/Amiga Records) is the culmination of all the hours he’s put into honing his lyrical and production abilities, all the connections he’s made, and his pure love of hip-hop.
This soulful collection features some crackling production work by Tope himself as well as Trox, Stewart Villain, Devonwho, Tony Ozier, LAWZ SPOKEN, and his TxE cohort Calvin Valentine. He connects all sides of musical personality together by inviting his bandmates Prem and Epp to drop verses on “Life Of The Party.” A little R&B flavor is sprinkled in thanks to local singers Michele Wylen, Caitlin Cardier, and Reva Devito. And the whole thing is tied up tight by Tope’s storming lyrical flow and witty wordplay.
Until The Next Time We Meet – and all of Tope’s work to date – have helped bust open plenty of doors for the young talent. He was placed at #6 on Willamette Week’s Best New Bands of 2012 list, joining the likes of Radiation City, Onuinu, and his collaborator Reva Devito, as well as #2 on The Deli Magazine’s Emerging Artist List of 2011. He’s also been asked to share the stage with a bevy of hip-hop greats including Talib Kweli, Dom Kennedy, Blu, Macklemore, Mac Miller, Shabazz Palaces, Dead Prez, Nappy Roots, Digable Planets, The Coup, Spaceghostpurrp and more.
Portland and the Northwest community have already shown lots of love and respect for what Tope brings to the table. Now it’s time for the rest of the world to take notice.

Turtle originally began his endeavors as a b-boy representing Seattle based dance crew, Flying Sneakers, before sustaining critical injuries. Unfazed and determined to find a new creative outlet, Turtle began freestyling and writing rhymes. After meeting producer and Portland native, Andrew Savoie, they formed the Hip-Hop group, Hush’d Puppies. His talents were immediately recognized and was recruited by a full live band, Dyno Jamz, to spearhead their ambitions as the lead MC. That year, they took 1st place at the 2009 EMP Sound Off!, the largest youth battle of the bands in the Northwest region. The band went on to perform all over the Northwest alongside the likes of Macklemore, The Physics, Thee Satisfaction, Grynch, Theoretics, and more. That year, Turtle T released two projects: Hush’d Puppies’ “Shhh!” EP and Dyno Jamz’ debut album.

In 2011, Turtle T and Andrew Savoie along with Blaine “5 Flat” Rochester (5 Flat & Brown) and Chima “Chiefs” Abuachi (Theoretics) formed the Hip-Hop group, Nu Era. With a great level of collective experience, styles, and talents, Nu Era quickly rose to prominence with notable performances alongside K-Os, Gift of Gab, Blu, Brother Ali, Nappy Roots, Blue Scholars and more. They released their first album, “Sink or Swim” in 2011, and embarked on their first west coast tour with Blu and Tiron & Ayomari that spring.

In 2013, Turtle T had launched his solo career with the introduction of his debut mixtape, “Of Love and Lust”, that was released in April. It was well received in the local hip hop community and gave him a basis for his solo career. Come February 2014, Turtle T released his first single with DJ Phinisey, "Friday Night," and "Sippin" came shortly after in May. In support of his second single, Turtle T's first ever music video was released on September 29th.

Now in 2015, Turtle T is set for two big releases, his collaborative EP with DJ Phinisey expected this Spring/Summer, and a Winter/Spring release for Nu Era's highly anticipated sophomore album. Expanding his horizons even more, Turtle T has filmed an improvised jam session with Aaron Jones and musicians from the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra that is set to be released in the coming months. Turtle T hopes to share with his growing audience, what he has become known for: versatility, quality, sophistication, and humor all with a dash of human.

A northwest native, Savoie has been producing music for seven years and has collaborated with artists all over the west coast.



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