Rockstar Gomeroke Theme Night!

Rockstar Gomeroke Theme Night!

"Madison's House Band" the Gomers are reaching back into their way-back-machine roots to plumb the depths of THEME NIGHTS on TUESDAYS! Does anyone remember the Club de Wash? Rock-0-Rama Rock Jam? Does anyone remember laughter?

Everybody dreams of becoming a rock star....well now's your chance! Join The Gomers onstage and sing your favorite songs to a crowd of adoring fans. You've never seen karaoke like this before! Visit the Gomers' homepage ( to check out their huge song list in advance, or peruse the songbooks in the club while partaking of some liquid courage. Then sign up and grab your lyrics, and if your name is drawn from the "Magic Sombrero of Rock", you'll be onstage and singing your heart out! Added bonus: every singer gets a free drink!

"Dead Singer Night"

Join The Gomers for a Gomeroke Theme Night straight from their nightmares to yours: "Dead Singer Night". An ode to Rock 'n Roll Heaven, right before Halloween!

You can be Janis. Or Kurt. Or Elvis, fat or thin. Jim Morrison? Jimi Hendrix? Most of the Bee Gees? You bet.

We are way sad that they are dead. But since they're gone, we're kinda obligated to rock to their memory.

Be a rockstar with The Gomers and keep rock alive Tuesday, October 29 at Dead Singer Night!

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