please enjoy a history of our transport:

we started out in just cars and beto's suv thing.

then we got the madahoopdie, which was bright orange and had only one seat in it. the passenger had to sit on a white plastic chair.

then we moved up to a two seat pick up truck that didn't have a top so if we went to denny's after a show we had to park the truck right by the window and hope for no rain.

afterwards we got a trailer, and a top for the truck (we're in business!) complete with a kinda weird couch thing. We went from MO to UT and back in this, with half the band shivering in sleeping bags in the back.

we arrived finally in the van, which has lasted I guess eight years now. rad. so far it has a new engine, starter, several belts and 300 new tires. also we've broken both front doors, two armrests, the tv (it started on fire!), the back window shade, one of the windows, and the driver's side door lock. oh and once it got stuck in a car wash.



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