VX36, Thought Vomit

VX36 is a powerhouse mix of thrash and speed metal mixed with a newer kind of vocal and drumming Their musicianship, uniqueness, and dedication make for awesome riffs, crushing lyrics, and an energy explosive live show! Exploding onto the metal circuit in 2004. With the release of there first demo in 2005 entitled “DEMOlition” they started playing shows around the bay area and Sacramento gaining notice from many. Embarking on there first Regional tour in 2007 setting to conquer the North West. After the return from tour VX36 went into the studio to record the first full length album. Released in March of 2008, the CD flew off the shelf selling all available copies at the CD Release show! Planning tour after tour playing 500+ shows gaining numerous fans and recognition from 2008 till 2010 when the “Violence E.P.” was released, a short run CD that was the doorstep of the new album that was in the works. In October of 2011 VX36 took it to the next level with a 4 week United States tour supporting the upcoming release and full length album recorded by engineer Zack Ohren “A Violent Existence” (2012). This release in just it’s short time has been praised and said to be a favorite record thus far. VX36 Planning 2012 accordingly with many tours and shows in the works is ready to take the world by storm. With their DIY attitude and determination there is no doubt VX36 will become a staple in metal history.

Thought Vomit

"We are a group of disenfranchised heros , here to destroy any and all feelings of safety you might have, no more lies. We talk, we yell, we fight, we kill, no not people as you may immediately jump to, but false ideals that you have been spoon fed since birth, that ceases now. We are here and not making any plans on leaving soon. We are true, we are real, we are artists, we are poets. Care to listen in on some things we have to say?"...welcome to hell.


Vengince brings to the stage much more than one genre of music, which diversifies and strengthens their crowd draw. Having performed hundreds of shows across the United States, and now shows all over Europe, the band continues to grow and pave a path for a career in the music biz.

Having performed around 500 shows across 42 U.S. States, and 20 Countries Vengince continues to built a loyal world-wide fanbase with their high energy live shows, and intense, unforgettable stage presence.

Vengince has grown in leaps and bounds from their beginnings, having completed three European tours as main support to Stuck Mojo/ Ektomorf, and then Pro-Pain. Vengince also performed at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival and the world's largerst body art andtattoo festival and done 3 D.I.Y U.S. tours.

Vengince has sold over 10,000 albums in the last few years, including over 3,100 copies on their three European Tours alone. The new album, A TURN FOR THE WORST includes some of Vengince's best material to date, and also best production to date. The producer was Juan Urteaga of Trident Studios (Testament, Exodus, Ted Nugent, Nightranger, Machine Head). The album is already in it's second pressing due to sales over 1,500 copies.

The band is sponsored and endorsed by Jagermeister Music, Axis Percussion, Distilled Entertainment, Nady Wireless Systems, Black Market Art Company, Dirtbag Clothing, Felony Fights, Wired Energy Drinks, Fuze Drinks, Smokeclear, Dankreations and Union Tattoo.

Vengince is proud to announce the release of their anticipated new album, A TURN FOR THE WORST with a full European Tour with Pro-Pain to support the new release.

The band delivers to the album, and on stage more than one genre of music, diversifing and strengthing their crowd draw.
The new album shows the evolution of the band's musical creativity, as well as their individual talent. A Turn for The Worst also features a track with Lord Nelson of Stuck Mojo.

Booking Agency (Europe): Go Down Believing
Booking Agency (USA): Distilled Entertainment

Record Label:
Ivorytower Records / Cargo Records / Jagermeister Music

DANK: Guitar/Vox
SLIM: Bass
FATHER: Keys/Vox


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