Pepper Rabbit

Pepper Rabbit formed in the spring of 2008 when songwriter Xander Singh was recording what was to be a solo album in New Orleans, and asked friend Luc Laurent to play drums on the recordings. But when the recording began, it was soon realized that Luc was providing much more than the role of a drummer, so they decided to form Pepper Rabbit. After a warm up show at a dive bar in New Orleans, they played their first show at the Pop Montreal Festival Oct ‘08, with which they received a wonderful response. "Accomplished Renaissance men, the duo sings while playing guitar, piano, trumpet, organ, ukulele, and clarinet in ways that make you want to give them hot cocoa after the show." – Pop Montreal ‘08 With nearly a year of hiatus, the two have recently reconvened in Los Angeles to pursue the project full time. The live show is incredibly intricate, incorporating live looping (clarinets, trumpets, vocals, etc) and sampling. "The group's full sound can be attributed to the gadgets and gizmos under the feet of Singh, who looped parts, and added effects to push the swirling sound to the forefront of the audience's attention." – Under The Rotunda While still maintaining the organic feel of the recordings, Pepper Rabbit's show provides a much different experience than just listening to the record. The plan for now is to spend the rest of this year playing locally on the west coast and next year touring as much as they can!

The Caves

The Caves evolved from solo shows Ashby started performing in late 2004.

“My plan had always been to fill out the lineup with David on bass and Jake (Cardwell) on drums, and as our other bands began to sort of disintegrate, what began as a side project eventually became the main focus for the three of us.”

All three are alumni of other bands: Ashby with the String and Return; Cardwell with the Belles, and Gaume with Dirtnap. In 2009, Elizabeth Bohannon joined the band and the lineup that would record “Five Songs.”

- Timothy Finn, The Kansas City Star

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