DTCV (Ex. Guided by Voices)

DTCV (Ex. Guided by Voices)

Named after the Jean-Luc Godard film, Los-Angeles based garage pop outfit Détective was initially conceived as a studio project by James Greer, former member of Guided By Voices, and Guylaine Vivarat, a long-time member of the LA music scene (Useless Keys, Tennis System). Since forming in March 2012, Détective has released two EPs, Very Fallen World and Basket of Masks, and a full length album, However Strange, which was released in late August on cassette by Burger Records to coincide with a national tour opening for Guided By Voices in September.


Forged by a passion for the gorgeously strange alchemy of electronic music and shimmering pop, FutureKind has carved a unique path through the blistering desert since the mid 2000s.

The Phoenix-based band's lush layered sound recalls the glory days of trip-hop while simultaneously stretching the outer limits of contemporary esoteric dream pop. Even though they favor a complex and rich amalgam of styles, FutureKind's music is without pretense and always approachable.

To say that music is an essential part of the band is a dramatic understatement. Lead vocalist and lyricist Thalia Williams' achingly beautiful voice is not just her instrument, but rather a visceral extension of how consequential music is to her life. Williams' warm nuanced delivery shines a light on the otherwise dark corners inherent in electronica. It's this duality in FutureKind's instrumentation and forlorn lyricism that makes them special—an undeniable optimism floating over a dark ocean of sounds.

As a veteran musician armed with a variety of playing styles, including classical, guitarist and lead programmer Gabriel Santa-Cruz serves as the thrilling catalyst for the group as he demonstrates a surgeon-like precision. The artisanal approach to the programming by Santa-Cruz showcases the band's handmade quality—an organic treatment to create a digital soundscape.

At the literal and figurative heart of FutureKind is bassist, Frankie Escalante. A gifted musician, Escalante is equally at home on double bass as he is on his fretless one. Influenced by classic jazz, Motown-era funk and even aggressive punk, the key to Escalante's playing and the foundational element of FutureKind, is the overall thump of canyon-deep bass lines.

With disparate influences as varied as Sci-Fi literature and cinema, in addition to postmodern electronic experimentation and the undeniable charm of pop music, the band comes together to form a genuine apex of creative expression. If Jules Verne were flying into the vast darkness of outer space on a battleship accompanied by the Space Oddity himself, FutureKind would no doubt provide the soundtrack as they welcomed the unknown with gleeful optimism.

Futurekind has shared the stage w/: International & National Acts: Husky Rescue, Asobi Seksu, Mosquitos, Oppenheimer, Judah Johnson, Maria Taylor, Six Parts Seven, Voxtrot, the Besnard Lakes, Kitten, A Silent Film and Au Revoir Simone.

Media Says:
If you've ever read author Tom Wolfe's seminal classic "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" you'll love FutureKind.
- URB Magazine

They're innovative and experimental, yet at the same time, they strive to be organic and melodic.
- Electronic Musician Magazine

Music Featured on:
*TuneTank ElectroDance Express Compilation CD
*Trance Fury Radio (www.trancefuryradio.com)
*Well Rounded Radio
*Indie Life Radio
*Radio Phoenix

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