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Protagonist, lying hidden behind the plastic aesthetic and the mass of consumers in Boca Raton, Florida, play their own brand of melodic punk anthems. Led by desperate vocals, racing guitars and an unrelenting drum assault, they stick out like a festering sore in a city known more for its riches and beaches than music. Protagonist takes punk rock and plays it at face value. For them it is an outlet to shout, sing and cry-out against everything that is wrong in the world. Before the onslaught of social networking sites that have facilitated the laziest and most undeserving bands to get a tour booked with the click of a mouse, Protagonist were jumpstarting their hometown scene with their hardworking DIY ethic. Always active, they released demos and booked and promoted their own shows at VFW halls and skateparks all over Florida. They're steadfast attachment to the DIY ethos helped Protagonist build a fan base in Florida and abroad after beginning to actively tour in 2001. All this work would not go unnoticed. Legendary New York Hardcore label Blackout! Records (H20, Kill Your Idols, Sheer Terror) took notice and released the band's first full-length record entitled "Hope and Rage" in 2003. Well received by critics, the band toured relentlessly on the album garnering more attention than ever. Protagonists next step would be to write, record and release their next effort the "Reasoning with Time" EP. The short 5 song record (featuring 3 originals and two covers) is over before you know it, but not before showcasing their growth both musically and lyrically. In 2008 they kept the nonstop touring assault in full-effect, even venturing as far as Japan to showcase their melodic hardcore punk to an extremely receptive Asian audience. Recently, Protagonist finished their highly anticipated second full-length. Titled, "The Chronicle" they recorded the album in their hometown before sending it to Jamie Woolford (The Stereo, Punchline, The AKA's) to mix it at Room Sound. Upon hearing the record Vinnie decided in a heartbeat that he wanted to put it out on Paper + Plastick. A spring 2009 release date has been set and a four month US tour is already in the works for this hardworking group of punks, so expect them to pass through your town shortly.

Teen Agers

Ever curious what would occur if you combined multiple quarter-life crises, a penchant for bottom-tier booze in plastic bottles and a Flanders-sized repertoire of puns in a punk rock powder keg? Erupting like a sonic Cthulhu from beneath the Florida swamps comes Teen Agers, the brainchild of four gentlemen with enough functioning neurons to constitute one able-bodied adult. With plenty of melody to satisfy the crowd at your rad wine mixers and hearty helpings of riffage guaranteed to satiate your unmitigated adolescent angst, Teen Agers are the result of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object; just…a bit slower, so as to not pull something.

Divided Heaven

Simply put, Divided Heaven is Jeff Berman, an East Coast punk rock kid transplanted in Los Angeles with a voice and a guitar. On record and stage, Divided Heaven is a punk band without all the amplification, singing stories rooted in history and politics, travel and experience, love and hope.

The pedigree for an acoustic performer may not often come from years on the road with punk and hardcore bands, but it is this background that sets Divided Heaven apart in the singer-songwriter realm. Berman has spent the last 16 years playing all around the world in bands including The Boils, Protagonist, HeartRacers, The Rites, and The Statiks.

He began Divided Heaven as a musical travel journal while studying in Europe. As time went on, Berman became serious about crafting his voice and songwriting style and began playing solo shows in 2007. Berman's songs continue to draw upon musical influences spanning from the The Clash to Elliott Smith and lyrical influence from the cities he's called home: Lancaster, PA, Washington DC, Berlin, Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

2011 brought the release of Divided Heaven's debut album, A Rival City. The 10 songs on the album play like a road trip with an old friend: as honest views of familiar people and places go passing by. A Rival City yielded standout tracks that garnered regular play on domestic and worldwide college and internet radio as well as music videos for East/West, Five and Dime To Hollywood, KeyStone, and Born-Again Non-Believer which premiered on Alternative Press' website.

In 2012 Berman hit the road relentlessly in support of A Rival City. Dates included two US tours, a European tour, select shows in Canada, the UK, and on the Vans' Warped Tour, plus memorable appearances at The FEST in Florida, the Feed the Scene Festival in Maryland, the Get Better Festival in New Hampshire, the Pfarrfesival in Germany, the This Is My Festival in France, and a headlining show at the esteemed Ramones Museum in Berlin. This year alone, Divided Heaven played in over a dozen countries, two dozen states and shared the stage with such international artists as Anti-Flag, The Flatliners, OK Pilot, Kris Roe (The Ataris), Joey Briggs, Koji, Into It. Over It., Red City Radio, Luther, Blacklist Royals, The Snips, Mark McCabe, Fights & Fires, and Sam Russo.

The new year looks to be landmark year for Divided Heaven. Upcoming releases include two new singles produced by Jamie Woolford (The Stereo) and the legendary Stephen Egerton (Descendents). In addition, Berman will record the follow up album to
A Rival City, and hit the road for more US, European and festival tour dates.
Across the world Divided Heaven is playing shows and building a diverse fan base. Whether it is opening a hardcore matinee, singing without a PA in a sweaty basement, creating intimacy at the Warped Tour or headlining a café, Berman has the dynamic to hit the audience in a place that is familiar with songs that make you think and sing along.



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