Powerkompany, Cusses


The Funkadelic sounds from space you hear are coming from the PowerKompany right out of Athens, Ga. Marie Davon (Venice is Sinking) and Andrew Heaton (Packway Handle Band) join forces to create a "tenderly poignant" and futuristic group. The acoustic/electronic dream-pop duo composes sound scapes that are "soul-stirring and heartbreaking." The two prolific musical scientists in love composing sincere bittersweet lullabies from the future; finding inspiration in everything!

Cusses aren't easy to define. However, whether their guitar driven, fuzzed out brand of music reminds you of The Runaways meets The Ramones or Siouxsie and the Banshees meets Jet, or even Pat Benatar with some heavy handed riot grrrl sass, it is impossible to come away with any other conclusion than this: Cusses are bringing back real, effortless, speaker-blasting rock & roll. A band that would be
right at home taking center stage at CBGB. Lead singer Angel Bond was introduced to drummer Brian Lackey through mutual friends, and they have not separated since. The two headed to Savannah, Georgia in 2009, and met up with Brian's long time friend, guitarist and past band mate, Bryan Harder (they opened for post-hardcore legends Fugazi in their last band together!). The three formed Cusses that summer and played their first show in February 2010. And now their debut album, Cusses.



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