"Everyone becomes sea urchins and rats at night," says PAPA's Darren Weiss, laughing slyly. "It's the nature of being young."
Like with an inside joke you know, you smirk along, succumbing to a moment of reverie. The suggestion of crawling so close to the dirt floods in bastard memories. And so, when the versatile drummer, singer and principle songwriter next puts his band's musical efforts in simple terms such as, setting out to make "American soul music with a punk-rock mentality" on its forthcoming EP, A Good Woman is Hard to Find, you nod along, like, yeah that sounds about right.
There's a poetic purity that runs through the songs, suggesting devious truths and well told lies, rolling along with a natural swagger that thoughtlessly evokes hard-hitting shakes and slow-swinging shimmies. Weiss' earnest vibrato often takes on a Springsteen-like growl in its best moments, crooning reminiscences on "I Am The Lion King," "I got to make a you a woman. You got to make me a man." In each song's groove there's a dangerous sexiness to PAPA-the furious grip of the dance floor, the cold pavement outside, and the way you kiss when you're not sure you'll ever see the person again or whether you'd even want to.
A Good Woman is Hard to Find is an album as ripe for romance as it is partying. It has moments of aggression and simple bliss, with a classic sense of harmony, melody and style. It's a modern, rough-and-tumble take on classic soul, without a doubt. With the help of Weiss' musical partner, friend-since-childhood, bassist Danny Presant, the tracks gain a hip-hop sensibility that separates PAPA from simple revivalists and instead into timeless territory. It's an exacting and revelatory ode to what's wrong with modern romance but what won't stop one from giving it another go. Meanwhile, the cover art shows a waifish, made-up girl, smoking a cigarette, smiling with a come-hither wink that suggests a good time but history argues otherwise. Here we go again. It's an instant testament to our hero's exhausting trials in love and those superficial layers that brutally slice through once promising, meaningful connections.
Weiss and Presant grew up in Los Angeles and have always had a home in California. Weiss is also a passionate painter and writer of prose.
PAPA's A Good Woman is Hard to Find will be released October 4th on Hit City U.S.A. and Psychedelic Judaism.

One who ventures into unknown or unclaimed territory to settle.

The above definition is very fitting for Pioneer. Previously known as News from Verona, the five piece from Indianapolis, Indiana have reached a point in their lives where new beginnings are necessary. They no longer simply strive for local fame or recognition. Their musical styles have evolved and their life outlooks matured. Basically – the boys have grown up.
Since their formation three years ago as a garage band, Pioneer has worked hard to develop honest, innovative American rock music. After solidifying their lineup and formulating their sound, they released All I Know is I Know Nothing in the Summer of 2010. They've played festivals including Cornerstone Festival, Ichthus Festival, Agape Festival, JoshuaFest and Spirit West Coast, and have independently played national tours.
Now, with the backing of SloSpeak Records, they're getting ready for the 2012 release of their new self-titled album, PIONEER. This new record is raw, passionate and of course energetic. Their live show is tight and engaging and they're ready to bring it. With the new release will come another supporting slot on Manic Drive's winter tour. Their mission: to connect with as many individuals as possible and make friends along the way. "Once we began touring nationally, we made sure to bring that local mentality of connection to everyone, no matter where we were. We believe that this action is as signature to our name as our brand of music," says Chad Shirrel (vocals/guitar).
When it came time to write the record, Pioneer sat down with a different focus. "The music was more relevant to us than ever. It made us feel older and wiser, but also made us feel the need to shed off our younger skin," Chad continues. "There was a definite need to better define who we were as people, while still carrying on the exact foundation that NFV was built on." They recorded with Mark Townsend (Relient K, The Wedding) in his studio outside of Nashville, TN. The recording process went well, stretching the band far beyond what they had planned.
"I think we all worked hard to challenge ourselves and to push beyond what was comfortable or easy for us and to make something we're all proud of," Townsend recalls. "The band has a lot of youthful energy and we kept all of that intact while stretching the boundaries past that point. Kudos to the guys for being willing to go there."
With new music, a new name and new tours on the way, Pioneer is ready to venture into the unknown and claim their territory in the music scene. "We're just a bunch of Midwest boys that want to play rock 'n roll," says drummer Dan Voris. "That's kind of the vibe we want to float on."

The Invisible World

We are a band from Independence Missouri, we have been playing for over 9 years as "A Dead Giveaway". We took a year off so some of us could finish school and other things we wanted to pursue but in the end could not stay apart for too long. We started jamming and soon after realized the music we were producing had a new energy and feel all together, so we decided a name change was in order. Born was The Invisible World, we think the music we are writing now has a sound that appeals to a broader audience than before and it is music we thoroughly enjoy playing and listening to, which we believe is essential when attempting to write good music. We hope you can enjoy it as much as we do.

Scott Schumann

Singer/songwriter from Minnesota, now residing in Kansas City, MO. I am currently in the process of recording an EP at Weights and Measures Soundlab in the Crossroads and will be playing live soon. Visit https://www.facebook.com/scottschumannmusic



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