Radical Something

Radical Something

Loggy along with Josh Cocktail and DJ Big Red formed the band Radical Something. It is a departure from Loggy's original sound, and has a more relaxing Cali vibe, that is described as "California sun-rocking."

Down With Webster

As long as any of us can remember, all we wanted to do was make music. While we came from different backgrounds, found inspiration from different influences, and developed different styles; we were united by our love of music. It’s the reason we saved all of our money to buy albums, memorized every word, learned each chord, bass line and beat. It’s the reason we spent all of our time together writing, playing and producing in a garage. It’s the reason we sleep in the studio and live on stage.

Down With Webster officially formed for a junior high talent show (we won). Since then, we have played more concerts than we can count (hundreds and hundreds). Every show is a party and we dare the audience to have more fun than us (usually it’s a tie).

Down With Webster's new single “One In A Million” is currently available on iTunes.

$13.00 - $30.00


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