Mike Lebovitz

Mike Lebovitz's comedy career began at the age of six with clowning classes at the local JCC. He's been delighting and confounding audiences big and small ever since with his offbeat yet accessible brand of humor. As an accomplished actor, director and writer, Lebovitz draws from a broad range of disciplines in constructing his act, using outlandish viewpoints and subversive turns-of-phrase to highlight the inherent absurdity of being. He doesn't point out life's quirks; he revels in them. After earning a BA in Theater Performance from Oberlin College, Lebovitz trained at both the Annoyance and iO Theaters, where he was a member of the house teams Ned Beatty and Roadster from 2002-2007. He is also a member of Comedians You Should Know, Chicago's premiere stand-up comedy collective, whose debut CD recently topped out as the #1 selling comedy album on iTunes.

Kelsey McClure

Kelsey McClure is a distinctively average comedian. She recently told jokes before Doug Stanhope and wrote this bio.

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