Truth Or Consequence

For those of you who don't know yet, Brooks Betts of MAYDAY PARADE has a side project called -"Truth or Consequence." Founded in 2012 in the cusp of America's South and Florida mixup of rock and country influence. The band, consisting of three member songwriters Brooks Betts, Jeremy Lenzo and Alexandra Kees. The first release hit iTunes on Dec. 25th 2012. An EP consisting of seven tracks and ranging in sounds from Rock, Blues, Folk and Country. Title of the EP "Second Fiddle" is seemingly fitting for the vibe in addition to the fact that both Betts and Lenzo come from the rhythm section of Pop Rock group Mayday Parade. While all three members sing and play multiple instruments taking turns with leads, between style and showmanship, there is sure to be something that will catch your ear.

*Brooks Betts- Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Pedal Steel, Banjo
*Jeremy Lenzo- Vocals, Bass
*Alexandra Kees- Vocals, Violin

Stages And Stereos

Following a brief hiatus in 2010, Stages and Stereos saw band members Daniel Lancaster and Ian Edge take completely different paths. Daniel continued to build upon his reputation of being a compelling vocal talent, and Ian enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Combat Medic. Ian was deployed to Afghanistan in March of 2011 and Daniel pressed forward in the music industry playing in the bands "Select Start" and "The Weathers". Three months into Ian's deployment, he was critically injured by an enemy improvised explosive device. Upon Ian's homecoming in early 2012, Daniel was quick to visit and the two began talk of reforming Stages and Stereos. Their passion for playing music was only overshadowed by their passion to do so together. Donnie Webb and Zach Schweizer of Jacksonville, Florida band "The Sophomore Attempt" were quickly recruited, alongside longtime friend of Daniel and Ian, Austin Moore. Daniel resumed his front man status in Stages and Stereos, and Ian returned to bass. Donnie filled the drummer position with Zach and Austin rounding out the lineup on guitar. Though this Tallahassee, Florida based band was formed in 2007, their quest to leave an everlasting mark upon the music industry has only just begun.

Paper States

Pittsburgh PA

Camille Dupree and Broken Fetters

Camille Dupree & Broken Fetters craft musical stories that wrestle with undeserved redemption, fresh love, and strong ties to family that are at one time unique and universal. The band holds their music in fresh tension: expanding upon the vast history of Folk Americana music they explore themes of identity and youth with traditional instruments and non-traditional musical structures. Dancing between the dark and the light, the bitter and the sweet, their music is nostalgic, wistful, and always ends with a shred of hope.

$8.00 - $10.00


For those of you who don't know, Brooks Betts (of MAYDAY PARADE) has a side project called Truth Or Consequence. It combines the best of bands like R.E.M., Drivin & Cryin (before they went mainstream), The Black Crowes (before the drugs and ego) and many more southern rock luminaries. Do yerself a favor and come check out this show.

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