Jessica Latshaw, Alidade

Jessica Latshaw

Jessica Latshaw can’t quite decide if she is a musician who can’t stop dancing or a dancer who is completely in love with music. She will probably take the rest of her life figuring this out, and she is okay with this. Having been lucky enough to perform on stages across America, Canada, Japan, and Korea--while either telling someone else’s story in a Broadway show, or telling her own through the music that she writes--she still hasn’t run out of things to say. And she still feels grateful to the people who listen.

Jessica started out singing her own songs at an early age. To her animals. Of which there were many in rural Pennsylvania where she grew up. The horses, dogs, cats, goats, chickens, and occasional cow seemed to enjoy her songs enough to encourage her to move on to singing in front of people. And once she did, it was game over. Cause she was smitten by the way people listened; by the symbiotic relationship between a live performer and the audience.

Most people are a little surprised by the way Jessica sounds. This might be because she raps. As well as sings. Or maybe it’s because she has some classical sensibilities mixed in there, too, just in case you thought you had her pegged. She’s happy to accompany herself on the piano, but the recent purchase of a ukelele has made her music four strings richer.

Poignant, evocative lyrics, paired with melodies that stick gives people pause when she plays. Or it could be the tutu that she wears sometimes. What else would a dancer wear to play a gig? Which brings us back to the first question as to what, exactly, she is--dancer? Singer? As long as she keeps figuring it out by taking it to the stage, singing her songs and sharing her story, nobody really cares.


A band.

Josh MacMurray / Sarah Linde / Laura, Ian & Shane Palko.

Harper's Fellow

Alt-Country/Folk from Asbury Park.

Cortney Metzler - Lead Vocals, Guitar & Angry Birds
Brendan Smith - Bass & Beards
Yanell Reyes - Vocals & Sweet Shoes
Alexander Ford - Smoothies & Beats
Eric Castellazzo - Guitars & Fancyness

The Future Unwritten

Formerly known as The Relay, The Future Unwritten is quickly gaining momentum in the world of indie rock music. With two well received albums and air-play on several major radio stations throughout the mid-Atlantic region, they are declaring themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

After forming in the summer of 2005, The Future Unwritten was received with praise after playing shows in and around Philadelphia. Shortly after recording their first LP “We Have Our Moments”, the band recorded their EP “Extended Play” with the help of the established Milkboy Studios in Pennsylvania. “Extended Play” was voted “Best Rock EP of the Year” by radio station 93.7 WSTW. In 2007, The Future Unwritten won a battle of the bands: The Grand School of Music’s Musikarmagedon, further proving that they deserve to be heard. In 2008 the band was chosen to appear on Los Angeles based JetSpeed Records "Punk Rawkus" Compilation. In 2009 the band began work on a new full length album do out in the beginning of 2010

Playing in venues throughout New York, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The Future Unwritten continue to gather more adoring fans and shape themselves into a powerful indie rock band

The Honey Badgers

A folk/americana duet from Newark, Delaware, comprised of Erin Magnin and Michael Natrin. Imagine Ingrid Michaelson & Regina Spektor singing with Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, except they're stuck in Delaware and have a harmonium, are obsessed with cats, and ride scooters.


Sometimes, a voice will hit you unexpectedly and come across all at once as pure and refined and innocent. This is what happened when the duet known as The Honey Badgers met in 2007. It took a few years of convincing, but eventually singer-songwriter Michael Natrin won over Erin Magnin. She joined him with her violin and vocal chords, and after rehearsing and writing together for less than a year, they officially became the duet known as The Honey Badgers. Mixing her jazzy soprano with his folksy sailor tunes, they began performing to very responsive crowds. With the release of their debut EP entitled Booth Bay, they plan to bring you along with them to a very authentic and harmonious musical destination. Co-winners of the WSTW Hometown Heroes Homey Award for Best Collaboration of 2011, winner of the 2012 SCPAB battle of the bands.



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