Cherokee are a French House duo that kick-started in 2011, invigorating with them the return of the legendary house movement of the late nineties. After a few singles, Cherokee's distinct taste for perfection has been approved by all and recognized worldwide. One of the few DJs whos sound can be recognized in the very first beats of the track, Cherokee relentlessly thrive on creating a unique and powerful vibe.

Funk and Disco passionates blend this 70's sound with modern house editing to create captivating, cutting-edge music. This four on the floor passion explains their tight connection with the influential French label Shiny Disco Club in which they appear as part of the top DJs, and is mirrored in the ultimate disco revival mix Cherotape.

The graphics accompanying their singles complete to create a whole world of smooth and funky lifestyle Cherokee generates to its crowd and listeners. But don't get yourself thinking the crowd will not leave the dancefloor in a sweat, the magic duo are known to keep you dancing till the end of the night.

Like those dreams you wish you wouldn't have waken up from, a party with Cherokee is a dream to remember.

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